Sunday, December 12, 2010

<3 Fae (from LJ) [angle]

not sure where to start with this entry, so i guess i'll start by saying that the first 24hrs with ____ have been better than i could've expected. i guess because i got my previous two cats as kittens i couldn't help but expect atleast some problems/broken stuff, but she's been absolutely wonderful. <3

she slept in bed with us the entire night without problem and got up bright and early at 4 something to announce that a) she was done sleeping; b) she was starving and c) she needed to go to the bathroom and that i had to witness it twice. she literally called to me twice so i'd come see her go. i think she was like "you made me stay in a room for hours just to see me go so here, let me show you two more times that i am indeed quite capable of using the litter box." :P when she wants to express herself she is very good at doing so.

when she first got her she stuck to me like glue, but gradually she's become more independent and confident in her exploration of the apartment. she is very much a people person and a lap cat. if there's a lap available, she'll more than likely try to occupy it. on top of that, she wags her tail almost nonstop like a dog-- it's so cute. :3 she is definitely a cat that likes and demands attention.

while typing this, we decided to name her Fae. she's even responded to the name once already. :D it may be an odd name for a cat, but i think it suits her. ^^; thanks everyone for your naming ideas. :]

.....annnnd we just now witnessed a completely different side of Fae. she was snoozing on the "couch" (it's really a futon) when Poppy, the neighbor's cat who has always come over for food and naps) jumped onto the balcony and came to the flyscreen door. Fae and Poppy hadn't met yet and as soon as Fae saw Poppy she was after her like an enraged lioness after something that'd attempted to take her cub. she was FEROCIOUS. she wasn't trying to warn Poppy away, she was jumping up on the flyscreen and glass door doing her damnest to destroy Poppy. poor Poppy had a friggin heart attack and almost fell off the 3rd floor balcony trying to get away.... as soon as i dared to i snatched Fae away and took her to a back room while David tended to Poppy... it took time to calm down Fae. even after spending time in the back room she patrolled the house for a while once we let her out. talk about territorial. we knew she didn't get along with other cats because we saw her not get along with another cat at the RSPCA, but that was no where on the scale of this.

poor Poppy. :( Mojo (the neighbor's second cat) will probably eventually come to the balcony door too and the same thing will happen.... perhaps we need to block off the balcony. :/

and poor Fae. i wonder what happened to her to make her so possessive/territorial...

anyway, her territorialness shouldn't be a problem as long as we can keep Poppy and Mojo away. *hugs Fae* love her!

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