Monday, January 17, 2011

window gazing / trarigardante fenestron

but Fae, why just gaze out the window when you can GO outside? wearing a harness, of course. here, let me help you put it on..... i'll post the photos tomorrow.

sed Fae, kial vi nur trarigardadas la fenestron kiam vi povas IRI eksteren? surhavante jungilaron, kompreneble. bone, mi helpos vin surhavi ĝin.... mi afiŝos la fotoj morgaŭ.


  1. Fae, I have an Outdoor Funhouse that I like even more than going outside in my harness and leash!

  2. Sometimes you hafta check out the outside so you know where you want to go once you get out there!!

  3. We know you are just planning all the adventures you'll have while wearing your harness, right Fae?

  4. Both of my boys love to see outside, too :-) One of them actually loves to go outside but the other is scared of going outside. I am looking forward to seeing Fae's photo in the harness :-)

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