Friday, February 18, 2011

camera aversion / malamo pri fotiloj

ignoring the camera / ignoradas la fotilon
Fae has an aversion to cameras... the faces that she gives me sometimes really makes me feel bad for pointing my cameras at her! i've trying to figure out a way to better her feelings towards my cameras, preferably without using food... the reason i'd prefer not to use food is because she can be really clever about doing things for treats.

Fae malamas fotilojn.... foje la vinagro en ŝia mieno estas tiel severa, ke mi sentas terure pro foti ŝin! mi klopodas elpensi manieron por igi, ke ŝi ne malamu miajn fotilojn. mi prefurus ne uzi manĝaĵon por tio... la kialo estas, ke foje ŝi estas tre saĝa pri fari ion por ke ŝi ricevu manĝaĵon.
"........... >:("

for example, i initially used treats to encourage her to put on her harness and go out on the balcony, but now she often completely skips the "go out on the balcony" part. she acts like she wants to go outside, lets you put on the harness and then won't go outside. she waits for you to take off the harness and then runs into the kitchen to the treats! note to Fae: you don't get treats just for putting on the harness! sorry!

"so not looking at you" / "mi tute ne vidas vin"
ekzemple, unue mi uzis manĝaĵon por kuraĝigi ŝin por surhavigi ŝian jugilaron kaj iri eksteren sur la balkonon, sed nun ŝi ofte tute preteriras la "iri eksteren sur la balkonon" parton. ŝi kondutas kvazaŭ si volas iri sur la balkonon, permesas al mi surhavigi ŝian jungilaron kaj post tio ne plu volas iri sur la balkonon. ŝi atendas, ke mi malsurhavigi la jungilaron kaj kuras en la kuirejon al ŝia manĝaĵo! noto al Fae: vi ne ricevos manĝaĵon nur por surhavi la jungilaron! pardonon!

currently i haven't a single idea.

nuntempe mi ne havas eĉ unu ideon.


  1. Oh Fae, you are so smart! I love your crabby face. Harley gets too wild with treats, so he models for toys. He loves the Cat Dancer, so my Mommeh waves it around and he looks up at the camera.

  2. Thank goodness for digital cameras when it comes to taking cat pix! You look quite 'devilish' in that middle photo, Fae!

    Hey, Teri ordered a bunch of different style collars via Amazon this week and they all arrived today. For your little neck, the Red Dingo's would be too big--even on their smallest adjustment they are loose on Sammy and Brighton and Coco and Kiki...they fit Disco fine but he's beefy. The Rogz Pink Peace elastomizer style fit Kiki and Coco great, as does the Red Mungo Jerry one for Sammy. She got 2 pink girly flowery Rogz for Coco and Kiki but she likes the Peace one so much...if you would like them, just email us your address and she would mail them to you for Fae. Here's a link to what they look like:

    and here's the Peace one, soooo cute but we's keep it!

  3. I annoy my kids when I use flash to take pictures of them. Maybe I should give them treat after taking pictures...
    Fae is so smart!! She knows she can get treat when putting harness so she acts like she wants to go outside! She is really smart and adorable to do that :-)

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