Monday, February 14, 2011

finally an update! / finfine ĝisdatigo!

for the past week i've barely updated this blog due to being caught up in my knitting projects. :( i finished my first two projects, a cowl and fingerless gloves! this week i'm going to start knitting a matching scarf for the gloves, but i'll try to not put off blogging!on the other hand, i like to think that me and Fae had some nice bonding time over the past week with my cameras in her face less. 8)

la pastinan semajnon mi apenaŭ ĝisdatigis ĉi tiun blogon ĉar mi freneziĝis pri miaj projektoj pri trikado. :( mi fintrikis miajn unuajn du projektojn: "kaŭl"on (simile al koltuko) kaj gantojn sen fingrokovraĵoj! ĉi-semajne mi ektrikos koltukon en simila stilo al la gantoj, sed mi provos daŭre blogi! aliaflanke, mi kredas, ke mi kaj Fae eĉ pli amikiĝis dank' al la manko de miaj fotiloj la pasintan semajnon. 8)

collar by/kolrimeno de PeaKazzosEmporium
last week Fae's second new collar came, this one was by PeaKazzosEmporium. i really like it, but sadly we've had to take it off after a couple of days because it was rubbing Fae's neck too much taking off the fragile fur there and leaving a sore. :( maybe i can come up with a lining for it or something....

la pasintan semajnon la dua nova kolrimeno de Fae alvenis, ĉi tiu kolrimeno estis farita de PeaKazzosEmporium. ĝi tre plaĉas al mi, tamen ĝi tro frotis ŝian kolon kaj forigis ŝian dilikan kol-pelton kaj vundis ŝian haŭton. :( eble mi povos krei ion por meti inter ŝia kolo kaj la kolrimeno....

anyway, everything's going alright in Princess Fae's (yes, she is a Princess now) apartment. occasionally she tries to fight the neighbor's cats through the front door, but aside from that things are peachy!

ĉiuokaze, ĉio bonas ĉe la apartamento de Reĝidino Fae (jes, ekde nun ŝi estas Reĝidino). fojfoje ŝi provas ataki la najbarajn katojn tra la enireja pordo, sed krom tio ĉio bonegas!


  1. Aw, well at least you spotted the problem with the new collar quickly..! I hope you can fix it so it doesn't rub.

    I forgot to mention, but I had a dream last week with Fae (or a cat very like her) in it! I think I was babysitting her and there was someone trying to entertain us by playing the saxophone...

  2. Too bad the new collar didn't work, because it is very cute!

  3. @Jane

    lol interesting. i wish i had such interesting dreams. :)

  4. Congrats on finishing the knitting projects. And we're sorry the collar wasn't suitable as is.

  5. Yes, too chunky of a collar for that fragile fur. I think my cats have had their Beastie Bands about a month and are finally not digging at them so much, but they are a little frayed and the design rubbed off.

    What didn't you like about the Rogz collars? I bought one for a kitten and it was easy to cut to fit with scissor. But it's now too small to fit any of my adult cats. I saw them online and thought they were kewl, and might be a little more durable than the Beastie bands. I like the Beasties because you can get them very snug with just enough room for 1 finger to slip by and don't have bulky buckles and adjusting hardware, and they come in a lot of fun patterns.

  6. Here's a link to the blue Rogz style I had, but now I want to get the blue camo, the pink peace sign and the red cat one!

    I also think I like the Red Dingo cat collars with the fish clasp but still a little bulky with the adjustment clasp.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day Fae! You'z the cutest! Love your new banner!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! BTW, we think the collar looks kind of cute!

  9. @Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    the Rogz collar that we had was an adult sized breakaway collar. since it was a breakaway collar it couldn't be resized by cutting and the adult size even adjusted down as small as it could go was still a bit too big... maybe we should have tried the kitten sized ones. *shrugs*

    generally i have no problem with Rogz collars, though. :) i like the Red Dingo one you linked to too, but yeah, the fish clasp is a bit big and seems like it'd be a bit clumsy...

  10. I splurged and ordered a few collars, both Rogz and Red Dingo. I will donate the ones I don't 'pick' for the kitties here...

  11. @Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    wow.... thank you so so much, Teri. :) i'm sure Fae'll like anything you want to send her and i would be forever grateful. :)

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