Monday, February 28, 2011

relaxing Monday / trankviliĝa lundo

it was nice spending time out on the balcony with Fae today. for some reason she wanted to go outside a lot more than usual...... me and the other human have been toying around with the idea of getting Fae an outdoor enclosure or a stroller. if we got her an enclosure it would have to be small because our balcony isn't very wide and even a small one would be expensive. at the moment we're leaning more towards getting a stroller, but really we're still just toying around with the idea. has anyone else had good experiences with enclosures/strollers? :)

hodiaŭ estis tre agrable forpasi iom da tempo kun Fae sur la balkono. iale ŝi volis iri eksteren pli ofte kaj longe ol kutime....... mi kaj la alia homo pensetas pri aĉeti eksteran kat-ludejon aŭ katĉaron (simile ol beboĉaro). se ni aĉetus ludejon, ĝi devus esti mallarĝa ĉar la balkono estas mallarĝa kaj eĉ mallarĝa ludejo estus multkosta. nuntempe pli plaĉas al ni katĉaro ol ekstera ludejo, sed ni ankoraŭ nur pensETas pri aĉeti tiujn aĵojn. ĉu iuj el vi havas sperton kun eksteraj kat-ludejoj/katoĉaroj? :)


  1. I have both a stroller and an outdoor enclosure. I have not been strollering in a long time! My Mommeh says the enclosure is easier. She likes the one she got because it pops open, and then folds flat and small for easy storage. (The one she got is called Feline Funhouse - outdoor cat enclosure tent). You can find them on Amazon.

  2. A few bloggers, like Daisy, have strollers. Halle, Calle and Sukki over at Jacqueline's Cat House have strollers. Nikita has a stroller too, but we don't know if he gets out in it now. Also possibly PumpkinPuddy. (Can't quite remember for sure.)

    Would you be allowed to enclose your balcony? The mom has seen some balconies around town that have been enclosed with a wooden frame and sturdy netting. But not every building will let you do that, of course.

  3. We really like our Pet Gear AT3 stroller. 3 cats can fit in it comfortably, so for just Fae, you woul have enough room for a small litterpan even. If you wanted to just buy one thing to 'take in the air' a stroller would be good and this one is very secure. We didn't like the attached strap inside to hook on to the harness as one kitty got tangled in it, so Teri fashioned on from a Bungie leash and attached it to the top of the 'hood' instead of on the floor like the one it came with was.

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