Monday, April 11, 2011

itching / jukado

for the past two weeks or so Fae has been scratching more than usual and we can't figure out why. we don't see any fleas on her and haven't seen any for a while. we gave her another dose of Revolution (flea stuff) because it was time for one anyway, but it didn't seem to help. then i thought that maybe she could be suffering from dry skin related to her diet, so i started adding more salmon oil to her diet. i was still uneasy, though, so yesterday we tried giving her a bath. neither of us had ever washed a cat before.

la pasintan 2 semajnojn Fae gratas sin pli multe ol kutime kaj mi ne povas kompreni la kialon. ne videblas puloj sur ŝi kaj ni ne delonge vidis eĉ unu pulon. ni surmetis sur ŝin ankoraŭ unu dozon de Revolution (kontraŭ-pul-aĵo) ĉar ŝi bezonis ĝin malgraŭe, tamen ĝi verŝajne ne helpis ŝin. post tio mi pensis, ke eble ŝi suferas pro seka haŭto rilate de nutrado, do mi komencis aldoni pli da salmo-oelo al ŝia manĝaĵo. mi ankoraŭ maltrankvilis, do hieraŭ ni provis bani Fae-n. neniu el ni antaŭe banis katon.

oh how i wish i could have taken pictures of Fae during her bath! she handled it really really well, which makes me think that she must have gotten baths in the past. we used Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo which is suppose to help sooth and clean itchy/inflamed skin. now her fur and skin are even softer than normal and she smells wonderful. :))

ho, kiel multe mi deziris foti Fae dum la banado! ŝi kondutis tre tre bone kaj tio igas min pensi, ke ŝi certe estis banita antaŭe. ni uzis Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo, kiu (laŭ la botelo) purigas kaj plibonigas  sekan/inflamigitan haŭton. nun ŝia haŭto kaj pelto estas eĉ pli mola ol kutime kaj ŝi odoras bonege. :))

i tried to help! / mi provis helpi!

she's still be scratching herself a lot, though.... i wonder if we should apply another dose of Revolution since the other inadvertently got washed off? if her itchiness doesn't get better soon i might call the vet because she's been scratching so much/so hard that she's hurting herself. :/

tamen, ŝi ankoraŭ gratas sin..... mi scivolas, ĉu ni denove surmetu dozon de Revolution sur ŝin ĉar la antaŭa dozo estis senintence forlavita? se ŝia jukado ne pliboniĝos baldaŭ, mi eble telefonos la bestkuraciston ĉar ŝi gratas sin tiel multe kaj tiel forte, ke ŝi vundas sin. :/


  1. Fae, I am sorry you are so itchy! Check with your vet, but I do not think you should apply another dose of Revolution; it penetrates the skin and gets into the bloodstream and kills fleas, intestinal parasites, treats mange, and is a heartworm preventative (and kills ticks in dogs).

    We have a dose of a fatty acid supplement squirted onto our foods every morning. We use 3V caps liquid in a pump bottle.

  2. We agree with Daisy, don't do the Revolution again so soon.

    It's so hard to sort out this kind of thing! Could be one ingredient in the food, or even just one flea bite, or an emotional reason. Good luck!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. So glad Fae did so well with her bath! :)

    We also agree with Daisy and Kim about not applying more Revolution just yet. We hope you can figure out what's making her itchy real soon!

  4. Oh, purrs to sweet Fae and hope you can figure out what's making her itch. Hopefully the salmon oil will help, we say no to Revolution too.

  5. Oh, no, itchy is bad! Poor Fae...if she scratches so much, I think it is the best to check with the vet. I hope your vet can find out what is wrong and you can have something to make itchy go away.
    But it is great that she took bath very well. My kids screams and fights when taking the bath.

  6. We wonder if Fae has developed some allergy. Probably best for you to check with your vet. But we're glad Fae is soft and smells good now!!

  7. Could you look into getting a capstar tablet for her? It sounds like fleas aren't the problem if you don't see any (plus we're moving away from flea season) but capstar would rule them out for sure. I've used them before at the same time as revolution type products on the beagles but maybe double check that for fae. Ive never looked into cat capstar but the dog one is designed to be used in conjunction with other flea things if necessary.

  8. Revolution is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly so you didn't wash it off with the bath like one would with something like Advantage, depending on the shampoo you use with Advantage. You can try Zyrtec, safe in cats

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