Sunday, May 22, 2011

easy sunday / facila dimanĉo

Sunday Grooming
Dimanĉa Striglado

photos by the other human / fotoj de la alia homo

Fae likes being brushed and gnawing on the brush afterwards. i try to save her from even the remote chance of hairballs but she insists on eating her fur anyway!

Fae ŝatas strigladon kaj poste ronĝadi la harbroson. mi trovas savi ŝin de eĉ malgrandega ŝanco pri havi hararaĵon, sed ne! ŝi insistadas manĝi siajn harojn!


  1. Your fur must be YUM , can't resist by yourself ...MOL
    I guess you need cat grass to help " Yak "..ha..ha
    Have a great day, Fae

  2. Fae, I like chewing on the brush afterwards too!


  3. we like to nom our furr balls too MOL
    Bengal Trio

  4. Sammy loves to gnaw on the brush afterwards, too! :)

    Happy Sunday, friends.

  5. Leo likes to drool on the brush! I bet Fae has better manners than that!!
    the critters in The Cottage

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