Sunday, May 29, 2011

easy sunday / facila dimanĉo

"Windowsill Chilling"
"fenestrobreta senstreĉiĝado"

(click here to watch the video larger / klaku ĉi tie por spekti la videon pligrande)

this video was made earlier this week. it's not exciting, but it shows Fae chilling in one of her favorite spots. :)

ĉi tiu video estis registarita antaŭ kelkaj tagoj. ĝi ne estas ekscita, sed ĝi montras la senstreĉiĝanta Fae en unu el ŝiaj plej ŝatataj lokoj. :)


  1. Hi Fae! I enjoyed your video! It looks like a nice sunny day, and what a beautiful view you've got!!
    You are looking a little sleepy...did you get a good nap after chilling?

  2. Great !!! very nice sunny day over there, My weather is so Crappy !!! Cloudy and so cold here..You enjoy your day, Sweety Fae : )

  3. Fae, you look so sweet! I like to sit in the winder and watch the world, too.

  4. Fae you have a great spot to watch out the window for birds.

  5. Sweet Fae, that is a great spot you've found yourself. Enjoy, beautiful girl!

  6. You are sooo mellow Fae. We can see why your human thinks you are an angel!
    the critters in The Cottage