Friday, May 6, 2011

a lesson learned / lernita leciono

it's officially fall here in Australia and the weather has gotten cooler. in response, petstores have started filling their stores with dog clothes (AND NO CAT CLOTHES DAMN DARN THEM)... what is a cat owner who likes pet fashion and who is concerned about their cat's warmth suppose to do?? whatever the answer to that question may be, i've given into temptation and have bought a dog coat (or two!) for Fae to try. the first coat, which i bought some time ago but haven't posted about yet, fit fine. however, tonight i bought another one and it doesn't it at all. it doesn't fit in the chest area, front legs & neck-- poor Fae could barely walk.

tro striktega!
Aŭstralie la sezono oficiale fariĝis aŭtuno kaj la vetero fariĝis pli malvarma. laŭ tio, dombest-vendejoj plenigas siajn vendejoj per vestaĵoj por hundoj (KAJ NE POR KATOJ, FEK VE).... kion faru posedanto de kato, al kiu plaĉas dombesta modo kaj kiu maltrankviliĝas pri la varmeco de sia kato?? malgraŭ la respondo al tiu demando, mi falis en tenton kaj aĉetis unu (aŭ du!) hund-jakojn por Fae. la unuan jakon (kiun mi delonge aĉetis sed ankoraŭ ne menciis ĉi tie) Fae povas bone surhavi. tamen, ĉi-nokte mi aĉetis duan kaj Fae tute ne povas ĝin surhavi bone. ĝi estas ege tro strikta ĉe la brusto, antaŭaj kruroj kaj kolo-- kompatinda Fae povis apenaŭ paŝi.

LESSON LEARNED: cats are not built like dogs. do not expect dog clothes to fit a cat.

LERNITA LECIONO: katoj ne havas korpon saman kiel hundoj. ne antaŭpensu, ke vestaĵoj por hundoj taŭgos por katoj.

sed la zipo mojosas!
....BUT. having successfully gotten the coat on Fae i couldn't NOT take photos of her in it! even though it was really mean to do so. i tried to be as quick as possible and thus didn't even take the time to correct the collar.

....SED. ĉar mi jam sukcese surhavigis la jakon sur Fae-n, mi ne povis NE foti Fae-n kun la jako! malgraŭ tio, ke tio estus tre malafabla. mi klopodis foti ŝin rapidege kaj pro tio mi eĉ ne ĝustigis la kolumon.

oh, and i also FINALLY got Fae new treats to replace the ones that we suspect may be triggering her allergy. we suspect (HOPE) that her allergy is related to seafood and it was hard to find treats that had no form of seafood in them. i finally found dried liver treats. :)

ho, kaj mi FINFINE aĉetis novan krommanĝaĵon por Fae por anstataŭigi la antaŭajn, kiuj eble igas ŝiajn alergiojn. ni suspektas (ESPERAS), ke ŝia alergio rilatas al marfrukto kaj estas tre malfacile trovi krommanĝaĵon sen ia ajn marfruktaĵo. finfine mi trovis krommanĝaĵon el sekigita hepataĵo. :)


  1. It's so true! We tried to dress our angel Graphite up in a dog polo shirt while he was still alive. He was a good sport about it, but he could barely walk. :(

    Even though the coat does not fit her, Fae looks SO cute in it!

    I hope those treats work out, and that the allergy problems are done for good.

  2. You are meant to be a fashion Diva Fae, no question about it! You just need to find the right fit :0
    Hope the new treats do the trick! heehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  3. Oh Fae, I know there is a big lack of cat clothes in retail stores. You were a good sport Fae! Hope the treats will agree with you. Have a nice weekend!

  4. There used to be a lady at the Chandler markets (on the east side of Brisbane) who made her own really, really adorable dog clothes. I'm not sure if she still goes there but it may be worthwhile checking her out (she might even tailor make something for Fae if you took her measurements in). The Chandler markets are really quite good (in my opinion) so even if you can't find her there, it's definitely worth checking out anyway.

  5. We hope it was those old treats thate were causing Fae's allergies and she won't be having any more problems!

  6. Fae, you are a good model to pose so well in a too-small sweater! Lots of my fanciest outfits come from Build-a-Bear and they close with velcro so they are easy on and off. But since I do not have collarbones, the shoulder area never fits exactly right.

  7. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oie Oie Oie !
    G'day Fae, Really nice to meet you. and your fashion shows are Awesome !!!

    Take care

  8. Hie Fae,
    Check out Posh Pets at the Versace Palace in Gold Coast. You may want to buy the whole shop! purrr...meow!

  9. Duh. I knew I forgot to answer a question...
    Yes, Selkirk Rex.Good guess :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  10. Oh I guess Fae need a custom made outfit for her! She looks very cute in that pink clothes, though :-)

    I hope Fae's itching will go away with the new treat.

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