Saturday, June 4, 2011

Iggy's first day / la unua tago de Iggy

Note: Esperanto translation is at the end. / Notu: traduko esperanten troviĝas je la fino.

all photos are from yesterday, Iggy's 1st day.

before bringing Iggy into the apartment, the other human went up and closed Fae in our bedroom. we still had nothing at all for Iggy, so he ran off to the petstore while i brought Iggy upstairs and closed us both in the spare bedroom (Fae's favorite room btw). of course Fae heard his arrival as he was very loud about it. ^^;

like Fae, Iggy loves his food more than anything.
immediately upon being let out of the box Iggy explored every place low & high in the room. places that Fae had never tried to reach or had reached with difficulty Iggy reached with ease! he's obviously an experienced climber and explorer. when we finally had dishes to give him food and water he ate as if he had been lost in a desert for weeks! i guess he hadn't been fed/given water that day...? he's currently on Science Diet because that's what the RSPCA feeds its animals, but i intend to transition him to raw as soon as i get our vet's approval.

anyway, eventually Fae was let out of our bedroom and she immediately went to the spare room door which had never been closed before. at one point the door was barely open a crack when both of them were at it and they both had their first good whiff of each other.

Fae's response: HIIIISSSSS SPIT SPIT BAM BAM BAM!! *attacks the door*
Iggy's reply: HIIISSSS *runs away under the bed*

poor Iggy got a little scare from Fae, but he quickly bounced back not overly fazed. he is use to dealing with other cats and has confidence. Fae, on the other hand, was very miffed and confused. she hasn't attacked the door again like that since then, but she does hiss & spit a bit whenever she's at the door and knows Iggy's on the other side.

anyway, Iggy's first night went fine. i discovered that: Iggy LOVES string; he is SUPER affectionate and is gentler about it than Fae (ie. no biting); he is VERY demanding about his food, just like Fae; his voice is very similar to Fae's. i spent the night in the guest bed with him curled up in Fae's favorite spot next to me under the blanket... i see fights over this in the  future!

yesterday went about the same except without Fae attacking the door. Iggy is pretty laid back (excluding food related matters) and is taking things very well. Fae, on the other hand.... i could write a whole seperate post on how Fae is handling things and i think i will. stay tuned!

in the meantime, if anyone has any advice on introducing cats to each other it would be much appreciated. we intend to take things slow but could use some ideas on how to progress with it. thanks in advance!


(Esperanto translation is below / traduko esperante estas sube)

ĉiuj fotoj estis fotitaj hieraŭ, la 1a tago de Iggy.

antaŭ ol porti Iggy-on en la apartamenton, la alia homo eniris la apartamenton kaj metis Fae-on en nian dormĉambron kaj fermis la pordon. ni ankoraŭ havis nenion por Iggy, do la alia homo veturis al la dormbest-vendejo dum mi portis Iggy en la kroman dormĉambron (parenteze tiu ĉambro estas la plej ŝatata de Fae). kompreneble Fae aŭdis la alvenon de Iggy ĉar li estis ege laŭta. ^^;

same kiel Fae, la plej ŝatata aĵo de Iggy estas manĝaĵo.
tuj post li eliris el la skatolo, Iggy esploris ĉiujn altajn kaj malaltajn lokonj en la ĉambro. lokoj, kie Fae neniam provis esplori aŭ kie ŝi ne povis esplori, Iggy facile kaj lerte esploris! evidente li estas spertulo pri esplorado kaj grimpado. kiam ni finfine havis bovlojn por doni al li akvon kaj manĝaĵon, li manĝis kaj trinkis kvazaŭ li perdiĝis en dezerto dum kelkaj semajnoj! eble li ne ricevis manĝaĵon/akvon tiun tagon...? nuntempe li manĝas « Science Dieto »on ĉar tion la RSPCA donas al siaj bestoj, sed mi intencas ŝanĝi lian manĝaĵon al kruda manĝaĵo tuj post mi ricevos permeson de nia bestkuracisto.

ĉiuokaze, post iom da tempo ni malfermis la pordon de nia dormĉambro por ke Fae povas eliri. tuj ŝi iris al la pordo de la kroma dormĉambro, kiu neniam antaŭe estis fermita. iutempe post tio la pordo estis apenaŭ malfermita kaj unuafoje ambaŭ katoj povis bone flari unu la alian.

la respondo de Fae: HIIIIISSSSS KAĤ KRAĈ’ KRAĈ’ FRAP’ FRAP’ FRAP’!! *siblas kaj atakas la pordon*

la respondo de Fae: HIISSSS *forkuras sub la liton*

kompatinda Iggy, Fae iome timigis lin, sed tre baldaŭ poste li ne plu ŝin timis. li jam alkutimiĝis al aliaj katoj kaj li havas iom da memfido. aliaflanke, Fae estis tre ĝenita kaj konfuzigita. ĝis tiam ŝi ne atakis la pordon, sed ŝi ankoraŭ iome siblas kiam ajn ŝi estas ĉe la pordo kaj ŝi scias, ke Iggy estas ĉe la alia flanko de la pordo.

ĉiuokaze, la unua nokto de Iggy estis bone. mi malkovris, ke : Iggy AMAS fadenon; li estas EGE dolĉa kaj montras lian amon pli milde ol Fae (t.e. li ne mordas vin) ; li estas EGE postulema pri manĝaĵo, same kiel Fae; lia voĉo estas tre simila al tiu de Fae. mi pasis la nokton en la kroma lito kun Iggy, kiu dormis sub la tapiŝo apud mi. li dormis en la plej ŝatata loko de Fae, dormi antaŭvidas kelkajn batalojn pri tiu estontece!

hieraŭ pasis preskaŭ same krom tio, ke Fae ne atakis la pordon. Iggy estas ne facile ĝenebla (krom aferoj pri manĝaĵo) kaj do li fartas tre bone en lia nuna situacio. Fae estas male. fakte, mi povus skribi tutan apartan blogaĵon pri kiel ŝi traktas la situacion kaj tion mi faros. atentu por ĝi!

dumtempe, se iu havas konsilon pri kiel bone prezenti katon al alia kato, bonvolu ĝin doni! mi estus tre dankema. ni intencas prezenti unu al la alia tre tre malrapide, sed ni deziras ideojn pri kiel tion fari. dankon anticipe!



  1. Wow, I've been out of commission this past week and a half and missed so much! Welcome Iggy! What a sweetheart he is! I will send good vibes for a smooth integration with him and Fae. (Clooney hissed at Neytiri and was very upset for the first 4 days, they were separated of course, then I would let Neytiri out and close Clooney in and they would watch each other through a glass door. On the 5th day, he stopped hissing and accepted her.)

  2. I find exchanging bedding with their scent is good. What I mean is, if Iggy is sleeping on a blanket,or pet bed put it in with Fae and put Fae's bedding in with Iggy, that way they are near each other's scent and can become familiar with it.Make sure the intros are very short at first -open the door a crack so that they see each other for seconds, than minutes etc.Make sure you give Fae alot of attention when Iggy is around so that she feels secure.Give them treats when they are around each other so that they associate being together positively.Be patient.Although some times it doesn't take long at all (a few days) some times it takes weeks.Remember they wil be ok with each other in time.Hope this helps.
    the critters in The Cottage

  3. Welcome Iggy! LP already suggested what we would have. You can Google too, there's lots of great info.

    Poor Fae. LOL. It's good Iggy is confident and hopefully won't be too bothered by her thoughts on sharing. :-P

    Our Annie never did really accept us (the boys), though she tolerated Derry more than Nicki. It was pretty nasty in the house, just about every day for the almost four years before she passed this February.

    We sincerely hope Fae settles in and accepts Iggy...and that it doesn't take years. LOL.

  4. P.S. There are calming collars (pheromone collars) that you can get from PetSmart or wherever -- a number of CB bloggers have had success with them. Also Feliway diffusers. Those were useless for Annie, though. LOL.

  5. We took about 5 days until Harley and I were in the same room together. My Mommeh used a Cat Dancer and we were both so focused on that, we didn't notice each other as much. Since Harley lived in the shelter for 6 months, he had good social skills and knew to back away a bit if I hissed at him.

  6. Hi, Iggy. I like Fuzzy's suggestion of calming collars. I always found nip is good, not to mention a little holy water..if you get my drift (it works for the humans)hehehe!


  7. My Mama used nips....yeah...drug the cats so they accept one another was the objective. Bad Mama!
    Hey Iggy, welcome to blogosphere! purrr...meow!

  8. Tom and Jerry. I always play the role of Jerry, my wife is Tom.

  9. Oh welcome, Iggy!! How exciting!!
    It is great that you will take things slowly. Goro hissed at Niko a lot at first, too. LP listed things that we did. They will work!!
    It will be so much fun when they start playing with each other. I am looking forward to seeing your updates!

  10. Welcome, Iggy!! We would suggest that you keep Iggy and Fae separated from one another initially and take it slow with the introductions. Try putting a sock on your hand and petting Fae with it. Then pet Iggy with it. And vice versa. Also try feeding them together. At first if they are in separate rooms, feed them on either side of the door. Whenever they see each other, try to have their experiences be very positive...give them treats, food, play with them together. Fuzzy Tales suggested googling "introducing cats." We're sure you'll find lots of help that way too.

    Good luck! We bet Fae and Iggy will be good friends soon!!

  11. Oh, Oh, Oh...we Lubs the Iggy!! We B so Happurry for your little family! We love black Devons, they look so devilish and he sounds so sweet. Boys are so lovey and we know you will have a wonderful life together! Teri will email you the info she gives new owners about introducing a new cat, but sounds like with your experience, that you are doing it right, right from the start! And Fae's reaction...typical!

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