Sunday, August 14, 2011

easy sunday / facila dimanĉo

photo taken on/fotita je 07/30/11

Fae and Iggy know how to take things easy, do you? note that i'm asking the humans as i'm sure there isn't a cat alive who isn't an expert on the subject. :P i hope everyone's enjoyed their weekend. :)

Fae kaj Iggy scias kiel malstreĉiĝi, ĉu ankaŭ vi? notu, ke mi demandas al la homoj ĉar mi certas, ke ne ekzistas kato, kiu ne estas tute lerta pri tiu temo. :P mi esperas, ke ĉiuj ĝuis la semajnfinon. :)


  1. We love the photo, Fae and Iggy look great cuddled up together like that.

    Happy Sunday...We're certainly taking it easy!

  2. Great Photos, Both of you look gorgeous !!!
    and of course we cats always know how to take it easy : )
    Have a great day

  3. That's a great photo of Fae and Iggy! Happy Sunday!!

  4. Taking it easy is the best part of Sunday! Enjoy!

  5. Human: Oh I love taking it easy! What a cute photo of Fae and Iggy looking so cosy.

  6. Wow! Both of them have gorgeous golden eyes. Oh, what was the question? See, humans are easily distracted by the felines. purrr *giggles*

  7. We are so happy that Fae and Iggy get along so well!! There's nothing better than two cuddling cats in the house! :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  8. what a charming picture of beautymous cats! an' our iggy is delighted to find anofur "iggy"!! thanks fur visitin' our bloggie!