Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iggy, my part-time hero / Iggy, mia part-tempa heroo

over the last 3 or so days, various bugs have somehow been getting into the apartment..... and i HATE bugs. HATE them. i always depends on the other human to kill them/escort them out while i stand on the other side of the room in horror, but sometimes the other human isn't around/can't be bothered to do anything about the bug... in comes my new hero, Iggy! the past few days Iggy has killed and (to my utter disgust) ate them all! :D

dum la pasintaj 3 tagoj, diversaj insektoj iele eniris la apartamenton........ kaj mi MALAMAS insektojn. MALAMEGAS ilin. ĉiam mi dependas de la alia homo pri mortigi/eksterenporti la insektojn dum mi timege staradas sur la alia flanko de la ĉambro, sed foje la alia homo ne hejme estas aŭ li ne volas fari ion pri la insektoj........ sed tiam alvenas mia nova heroo, Iggy! dum la pasintaj kelkaj tagoj, Iggy mortigis kaj (tute terure) manĝis ĉiujn insektojn! :D

yesterday, however, i caught Iggy much more cautiously playing with a bug and he simply played with it, never trying to kill or eat it. here's a little videoclip of it.

tamen hieraŭ mi trovis, ke Iggy simple kaj tre zorgeme ludadis kun insekto. li neniam provis mortigi aŭ manĝi ĝin. jen filmeto pri ĝi.

in case you were wondering, Iggy's other part-time job is being a clown. Iggy can be amazingly silly/crazy at times. :P

parenteze, la alia part-tempa laboro de Iggy estas kiel pajaco. ofte Iggy estas nekredeble naivega kaj strangega. :P


  1. I think that's bug is die hard ! I saw you ponce it so many time, still walking !!! Actually Mr. Bug is pretty good toy : )

  2. Iggy, we lnow you are protecting your mom from that evil bug...but isn't it fun to play with it too??

  3. i think shes giving that bug some nose kisses ;]

  4. Mr. Bug is an excellent toy. :-D

    But our human would much prefer that we kill and eat the bugs in our house...Unfortunately, we don't do that for most of them. Moths, yes. Spiders, which our human detests, no.

  5. Oh super Iggy! He kills bugs for you...he is a hero! But the video of him playing with the bug is so cute...especially the part that the bug got on Iggy's face is so funny!!

  6. That's the bestest kind of hero to be! A real hero and funny too!

  7. Iggy would be my hero too! Especially with those bugs in 'Stralia...a bug-eater is pretty necessary and welcome!