Monday, August 22, 2011

mancat monday: Iggy is WEIRD #1

virkata lundo: Iggy estas STRANGA #1

Iggy is strange for several reasons, reason number 1 being he thinks the heater has a flavor! a VERY NICE flavor, apparently. i have videographic evidence to back my claim!

Iggy estas stranga plurkiale, sed la 1a kialo estas, ke li kredas, ke la varmigilo bongustas! bongustEGas, fakte. jen, mi havas filmeton kiel pruvo pri ĉi tio!

have you ever heard of a cat that licks a heater or other hot things? any idea why Iggy does such a weird thing?? SURELY there's a reason.....! he licks the heater EVERYday, SEVERAL TIMES a day and ONLY when it's on and hot. he even does it when it's so hot that you wouldn't even want to touch it with your hands let alone your tongue.

ĉu vi iam ajn aŭdis pri kato, kiu lekadas varmigilon aŭ alian varmaĵon? ĉu vi havas iun ajn ideon pri kial Iggy faradas ion tiel strangega?? CERTE devas esti ian kialon.....! ĈIUtage KELKfoje li lekadas la varmigilon kaj NUR kiam ĝi estas ŝaltita kaj varma. li eĉ lekadas ĝin kiam ĝi estas tiel varma, ke oni ne volus tuŝi ĝin mane kaj certe ne lange.

......maybe he's just a masochist. lmao
......eble simple plaĉas al li sin dolorigi mdr.


  1. Iggy !!! You can go for " Believe it or not " shows !!!!!
    I never seen any cats do that , At least your tongue not stuck like Tongue Stuck to Ice ; )
    but if you want my idea, I think you try to kill the germ on your tongue !

  2. Iggy, we think that's very strange. How can you not burn your tongue?

    The mom's Chumley used to lick the iron stair railing posts...lick, lick, lick...rub, lick...but at least they weren't hot!

  3. good grief! we thought OUR iggy was an odd duck, but YOUR iggy takes the prize!!

  4. Iggy, you are a little bit weird! But still very adorable.

  5. What a mysterious kitty you are, Iggy!! Isn't it too hot for your tongue?? Tasting's too weird...yes, you ARE weird #1!! But very cute, too :-)

  6. Perhaps Iggy needs koffee, hot koffee

    or second breakfast.

    bonks to all of you dear friends

  7. Iggy, we do some strange things too...but licking the heater is just weird! :)

  8. Iggy is weird, dont you feel the heat???

  9. We think Iggy is so funny! He sure is concentrating in that video. Maybe he thinks on account its warm its alive? Oh well, he sure is cute just the same. Or...maybe that surprise kiss from sweet Fae still has him acting all silly...hmmmm.