Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under MY Blanket / Sub MIA Litkovrilo

Under MY Blanket
by 4Warned

Nothing can come inside
this little place where I hide
from within my secret place
there’s no darkness I must face
all the shadows I usually see
don’t know where to find me
(and) the sounds I usually hear
can’t cause me any fear
I think I’ll (just) stay here for awhile
in this safe place where I can smile
Sub MIA Litkovrilo
de 4Warned

Nenio povas veni en
ĉi tiun eta lokon, kie mi min kaŝas
de en mia sekreta loko
neniun obskurecon devas mi renkonti
ĉiuj kutime vidataj ombroj
ne povas min trovi
(kaj) la kutime aŭdeblaj sonoj
ne timigas min
mi pensas, ke mi (nur) ĉi tie restos iome
en ĉi tiu sekura loko, kie povas mi rideti


  1. Iggy, Are You Sure ? I think Fae can get inside and do snuggle with you under the blanky : )

  2. Whoa! It's like a scene from LOTR. purrrr *giggles*

  3. Iggy, you look so mysterious peering out from that blanket!

  4. We bet you feel really safe in there, Iggy!

  5. wow--we must be identical twins from separate mothers!! i like to hide under blankets an' sheets, an' MY name is iggy!! my whole name is "igmu sapa", which means "black cat" in lakota indian language, but that name only gets used when mommer's hollerin' at me for somethin'. an' that hardly EVER happens;-D)))

  6. Hm. Sufiĉe lerta traduko.

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