Friday, December 9, 2011

a toy that shouldn't be / ludilo kiu ne estu

cats shouldn't be allowed to play with plastic bags because they can be really dangerous.

oni ne permesu, ke kato ludi per plastika sako ĉar ĝi povas esti ege danĝera.

but sometimes i give in and let Iggy play with one just because it reminds me of my first cat, Mister Gray. he was so cute in his plastic bag capes. :)

sed foje mi rezignas kaj permesas, ke Iggy ludi per ĝi ĉar ĝi memorigas min pri mia unua kato, Mister Gray. li estis tre amuzeta/beleta kun siaj pelerinoj de plasikaj sakoj. :)

Iggy tries to work the cape / Iggy provas lerte surhavi la pelerinon
but Mister Gray was a natural at it. / sed Mister Gray estis nature lerta.


  1. Vere ĉarmaj katoj kaj amuzaj. Mi ankaŭ havas du virkatojn, ili estas belaj, sed ili estadas prefere en kelon. amike Piotr
    P.s Dankon pro atento de mia taglibro

  2. They ARE dangerous, as the mom found out once a few years ago when Nicki was younger. She was putting groceries away and the next thing you know Nicki had gotten the handles around his neck and caught and he was panicking (he had run to the basement). Scared both the mom and Nicki! She'll let us play with plastic bags under supervision, but she cuts the handles first, so they can't get caught around our necks.

  3. My kitties have two reactions to bags. They either run from the crinkle sounds, or they pounce on them to make the crinkle sound themselves. Oh, and Star licks them. It's the oddest thing. I had one other kitty who would sit there and lick a bag, but I still dont know what the facination is.

  4. That looks pretty fun, though we are glad you only let Iggy play with them under supervision! :)

  5. Yeah, we like the plastic bags but our mom doesn't want us playing with them.

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