Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wordless wednesday / senvorta merkredo

"Do The Iggy"
"Faru La Iggy-n"

p.s. thank you everyone for the Gotcha Day wishes for Fae. :)
p.s. dankon al ĉiuj  pro la bondeziroj pri la Adopt-tago de Fae. :)


  1. Oh my! That will be all the rage now that it has hit the interwebs! Iggy you are super cool. (PS: We are sorry to have missed Fae's Gotcha Day so please accept our belated Happy Gotcha Day wishes Fae!)

  2. Iggy, that looks like some sort of super-advanced yoga pose, not to be attempted by beginners!

  3. Oh, my, Iggy! What are you trying to do? That is super flexible and cute pose :-)

  4. Iggy! Don't get stuck in that position!