Monday, January 2, 2012

Liebster Blog Award / Blog-premio Liebster

a week ago our awesome friends at Gorogoro & Nikoniko (visit them if you haven't already!) awarded life with Fae the Liebster Blog Award! "Liebster" means "favorite" or "dearest" in German and we are honored to be receiving this award. :)

antaŭ unu semajno niaj bonegaj amikoj ĉe Gorogoro & Nikoniko (angle; vizitu ilin se vi ankoraŭ ne vizitis!) donis al life with Fae la Blog-premion Liebster! "Liebster" signifas "plej ŝatata" aŭ "plej kara" en la germana kaj ni estas honoraj pro ricevi la premion. :)

photos taken 12-08-12 on a cold "summer" morning.
fotoj fotitaj la 8an de decembro je malvarma "somera" mateno.

it's hard to choose so few, but i would like to pass this award on to 5 of my cat blogger friends. i have to apologize in advance if anyone i am giving this award to has already received it. i have been horrible at following others' blogs lately and am very behind. :(

estas tre malfacila elekti tiom malmultajn, sed mi volas doni la premion al 5 el miaj kat-blogaj amikoj. anticipe mi devas pardonon peti ĉar eble mi donos la premion al iu, kiu jam ĝin ricevis. lastatempe mi estis terura pri sekvi la blogojn de aliaj kaj do mi ne scias, kiu jam ĝin ricevis. :( ĉiuj blogoj estas en la angla, do mi skribos pri ili nur en la angla.

  •  Pierro + Miles' Happy Place: Pierro & Miles' blog always makes me smile and i promise it'll make you smile too. :)
  •  Critters in the Cottage: with two new additions to the family, the Critters in the Cottage are more fun to visit than ever! which i would have thought impossible given how fun it was already. :)
  •  Kwee Cats: currently on hiatus (all the best to you, Kwee-mom!), Kwee Cats is a relatively new blog that follows the life and adventures of 7 awesome Kwee kitties. :)
  •  Miss Peach's Cozy Cottage: a loving memorial to Miss Peach that is still home to Hunny Bunny, her new sister Lena and their humans. forever lovely and sweet, i highly recommend paying this blog a visit. :)
  •  The Meow Factor: the blog of a fellow expat who is now living in Malaysia with her family, there is always something new to learn and cool things to see in this blog. :)

to all my friends, thank you all for your friendship in 2011! you all are my favorites and i would give you all this award in a heartbeat if i could. :) i hope we can continue to be friends in 2012 and i wish you all the best in the new year!

al ĉiuj miaj amikoj, dankegon pro via amikeco en 2011! vi ĉiuj estas miaj plej ŝatataj kaj mi donus ĉi tiun premion al ĉiuj el vi se mi povus. :) mi esperas, ke ni povas daŭre esti amikoj en 2012 kaj mi deziras al vi ĉion bonan en la novjaro!

ewwww, how unladylike, Fae! / pff, kiel malvirinece, Fae!


  1. Congratulations on your award! And Fae...what are you doing there???

  2. We luvs visiting your bloggie and will try to be better about visiting in 2012, too...Concats on the awardie (and of course we luvs the Happy Place too, especially as Miles is one of our extended family!)

    Cats think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's...May all your days in 2012 be filled with purrs and not hisses...Happy New Year to you!

  3. Concats on your award!

    And yeah, uh, Fae, what the heck are you doing?! ;-)

  4. AAAIIEEEE! Do not sniff there!!!! Con-cat-ulations on your award. I think 2012 will be the best year, ever. Happy New Year!

  5. Iggy & Fae,
    Auwww.....I'm so honoured. Thanks for remembering us. two! Behave! purrr...meow!

  6. Concatulations on your well-deserved award! We are thankful for your friendship, and hope you have a joy-filled 2012! :)

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