Sunday, April 1, 2012

Iggy The Sicky / Iggy La Malsanulo

a cat's love
a (film) photo taken in January that i just recently got around to processing...
(filmaĵa) foto, kiun mi fotis en januaron kaj kiun mi nur lastatempe ellaboris....

this past Friday morning i woke up to find that Iggy had vomited on the floor downstairs. while cleaning it up i noticed that Iggy was acting strange; we kept going to the litter box literally every minute like clockwork. i followed him to the litter box a couple of times trying to get a glimpse of what was going on and saw that each time he urniated very small amounts of red urine. i also noticed that his unmentionable area was very wet and it was as if he couldn't hold his bladder... every time he sat somewhere he left small amounts of red urine. i immediately called the Cat Clinic and we brought him as soon as they had an opening. he ended up having to be left there so that they could do urine tests.

la pasintan vendredon mi vekiĝis kaj trovis, ke Iggy vomis sur la unua-etaĝan plankon. dum mi purigis la plankon, mi rimarkis, ke Iggy agis iom strange; kvazaŭ laŭ horoloĝo, li ripete iris al la necesejo ĉiuminute. mi sevis lin al la necesejo por rigardi kio okazas kaj vidis, ke ĉiufoje urinis tre malmulte da ruĝa urino. mi ankaŭ rimarkis, ke lia ne-menciebla-loko estis tre malseka kaj ŝajnis, ke li ne povis teni sian urinon en la kurpo ĉar kiam li sidiĝis, ĉiufoje restis malmulte da ruĝa urino. mi tuj telefonis al la Cat Clinic (kat-kuracejo) kaj tien ni portis lin kiel plej eble baldaŭ. fine ni devis lasi lin tie por ke ili povis ekzameni lian urinon.

several hours later that day we got a call to come pick him up. on the way it rained with the sun out in full force creating a beautiful double rainbow... a good sign for Iggy? Iggy had received a pain killer and seemed to be doing alright. the vet examination and urine tests ruled out that the possibility of infection or crystals in Iggy's urine. the fact that Iggy can still urinate normally suggests that there isn't a blockage, but there is still the possibility of bladder stones or something similar which would require an expensive ultrasound to determine. the vet said that it is very likely that Iggy may just have blood in his urine due to stress as this is supposedly very common among male cats (esp. those who eat dry food), but... what stress? nothing has changed in Iggy's environment, food, etc... eitherway, the vet's recommended course of action was to treat Iggy's inflamed bladder with anti-inflammatory medicine for the next week and see if he improves, which blood due to stress usually does. if he is still having problems after a week we will take him back for an ultrasound. in the meantime he would continue to have blood in his urine for a few days.

post pluraj horoj la kuracejo telefonis al ni por porti lin hejmen. laŭvoje estis pluvo malgraŭ tio, ke la suno forte brilis. pro tio, estis belega, duobla ĉielarko..... ĉu bona signo por Iggy? ili donis al Iggy kuracilon por plibonigi lian doloron kaj li ŝajnis farti bone. la fakto, ke Iggy ankoraŭ povis urini normale sugestis, ke ne estis ia baraĵo, sed ankoraŭ restas la ebleco por ŝtonoj en lia veziko aŭ io alia serioza malsano. por eltrovi ĉu estas vezikaj ŝtonoj ktp bezonas tre multekosta ultrasona ekzameno. la kat-kuracisto diris, ke eble Iggy havas  sangon en la urino pro streĉo ĉar verŝajne ofte okazas sango en la urino de virkatoj (precipe de tiuj, kiuj manĝas sekan manĝaĵon), kiuj estas streĉitaj, sed..... ĉu vere streĉo? lastatempe nenio ŝanĝis hejme, do vere ne estas io streĉiga.... ĉiuokaze, la kat-kuracisto rekomendis, ke ni unue traktu lian inflamigitan vezikon per anti-inflama kuracilo dum la sekvanta semajno kaj atente rigardu lian sanon. se post unu semajno li ne plibone fartas, tiam li havos ultrasonan ekzamenon. dumtempe, restos sango en lia urino dum kelkaj tagoj.

Iggy seems to be doing alright since then... he still goes to the litter box frequently, but not quite as frequently. he still has a lot of blood in his urine, but at least he seems to be going alright. he eats all of his food, although uncharacteristically slowly. this morning, however, he finished his breakfast but then threw it all up shortly after... i called the clinic and was advised to stop his medicine for 24hrs and monitor him. if all is well after that, start giving him the medicine again. i really hope he hasn't got bladder stones or anything serious, but it's hard to believe that this may have been caused by stress when he hasn't be stress lately and has handled even more stressful situations without this kind of problem. :( he is a very high-strung, anxious cat, though, so who knows... fingers crossed! i'll keep everyone updated on the situation.

ŝajnas, ke Iggy plibone fartas ekde tiam.... li ankoraŭ nekutime ofte iras al la necesejo, sed ne tiel ofte kiel antaŭe. ankoraŭ estas multe da sango en lia urino, sed almenaŭ li verŝajne povas urini senprobleme. li manĝas ĉiom da lia manĝaĵo, sed multoble pli malrapide ol kutime. tamen, ĉi-matene li vomis lian tutan matenmanĝaĵon  tre baldaŭ post li ĝin manĝis.... mi telefonis al la kat-kuracejo kaj ili diris, ke mi ne donu la kuracilon al li dum la sekvanta 24 horoj kaj atente rigardu lin. se post 24 horoj li plibone fartas, tiam mi ree komenci doni al li la kuracilon. mi kore esperas, ke li ne havas gravan malsanon, sed estas malfacile por mi kredi, ke la kial de la sango estas streĉo. kiel mi jam diris, estis nenion streĉiga lastatempe kaj kiam JA estis io streĉiga (ekzemple, transloĝiĝado) li traktis la situacion sen la nuna problemo. :( sed ja.... li ja estas tre nervozema kaj anksiema kato, do..... bv deziri al li bonŝancon! mi ĝisdatigos la blogon pri la situacio.


  1. Poor Iggy! If it's idiopathic cystitis, bladder inflammation with no known real cause, it will clear up on its own within a few days or so. Pain meds are needed for sure. Derry had this last fall, after I returned from a week away visiting family. First time I had left the boys and Derry did not do well with someone else coming in to the house.

    There's good info on all this at

    Written by a vet, after all her experiences with her own cat(s).

    Dry definitely isn't good to give--though aren't they on raw? Or am I thinking of someone else? A few around the CB do feed raw.

    Right now the boys get about 2 TBSP dry a day as a treat, because they love it so much and there's quality of life to consider too. The rest is canned, though.

    Good luck, purrs to Iggy for a speedy recovery and no more problems!

  2. We are sorry to hear Iggy is having some issues. We are purring for him and hope he is feeling better real soon.

  3. Oooohhh...Iggy... we are all praying for you. You be well, OK? purrrr....meow!

  4. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope Iggy will get well very soon.

  5. I hope Iggy is better soon! I had bladder stones several years ago and had to have surgery!

  6. We're purring for sweet Iggy. xoxo
    Katie & Glogirly

    The first photo of her is just wonderful.

  7. Big purrs from us for Iggy to feel better shortly and for everything to clear up with ease.

  8. Uh oh.That sounds scary! We hope it is something minor that will clear up soon. It's frustrating when part of a vet's diagnosis is that the animal is experiencing stress when you know they live in a really predictable, calm environment. Maybe it is bladder stones...We hope he isn't in any pain! and that he feels better soon! Poor baby :(

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Poor Iggy! We are purring and praying that this will all clear up very soon. Hugs to you all.

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