Tuesday, December 28, 2010

grainy b&w Faeday / era n&b-a Faetago

Fae: bwahahaha, you can't get me!
Fae: bvahahaha, vi ne povas min kapti!

Fae: ooohhh.... that's the spot!
Fae: hooooo.... ĝuste tie!

Fae: ..........
Fae: ..........

Fae: food plz.
Fae: manĝaĵon, bv.


  1. My mom says Fae is really cute, she wants to know what a Devon Rex's furs feels like?!

  2. @Firstblood

    tell your mom thanks and that Fae's fur is really soft and fine in most places but is a bit coarser on her tail and face. :)