Sunday, December 26, 2010

slacker sunday / pigrula dimanĉo


the Wikipedia article on Devon Rex says

Another common trait is their show of affection: they have a particular penchant for being close to the head or neck of their human companions and can often be found mounted upon ones shoulder or nestled into the cranny created by the neck and shoulder when one is prone.

based on my experience with Fae thus far, i have to agree with this 100%. actually, Fae likes to nestle into any nook or cranny on a person.

la angla Vikipedia artiklo pri DevonReksoj diras

Alia ofta trajto estas ilia montrado de amo: ili havas strangan kutimon pri esti proksima al la kapo aŭ kolo de sia homa kamarado kaj ofte ili troviĝas sidante sur onia ŝultro aŭ premkaresante en la malgranda loko inter la kolo kaj la ŝultro.

bazita sur mia sperto kun Fae ĝis nun, mi devas konsenti tion 100%e. verdire, Fae ŝatas premkaresi en iun ajn malgrandan lokon de (sur?) homo.


  1. Sometimes at night I like to lay across my Mommeh's neck. She says it strangles her a little bit!

  2. I'm sure you've already answered this somewhere, but how old is Fae? She's such a wee little kitty. I think she's looking cuter with each photo you take!

  3. @Burtie

    Fae's about 2yrs old. :)

    she looks tiny in this photo because while it looks like she's on my shoulders, she's actually further behind me on the back of my chair. :)

  4. ...they think of us as warm blooded furniture, hahameow!

  5. Us Sphynx love to climb on our daddys shoulders too. Hope you had a great Christmas. You are so adorable.

  6. Fae is so adorable. I love when my kids come around my neck in a bed. It is character of Devon Rex but I also think she likes to be close to your neck because she loves you!!