Saturday, January 29, 2011

new collar / nova kolrimeno

lately i've been lazy/preoccupied with knitting and so i haven't been keeping up with my blogs or taking photo of Fae..... knitting is kind of time consuming and addictive. :( i'll be happy when my first scarf is finally done!

lastatempe mi estas pigra/okupata pri trikado kaj do mi ne ĝisdatigis miajn blogojn nek fotis Fae-on laŭ kutimo... trikado iome fariĝis manio kaj ĝi bezonas multe da tempo. :( mi estos feliĉa, kiam mi finfine finos mian unuan koltukon!

in the mean time, Fae has lots of goodies coming to her in the mail, the first of which arrived today. i bought this collar on from Creation4Creatures and it fits Fae perfectly! i think it looks really nice on her. :) actually, a second collar is also on the way because after being this one i stumbled upon another really unique collar that i had to get for Fae. photos to come of that collar once it gets here. :) Fae also has some custom-made sweaters on the way! :D photos to come of that much much later because i probably won't try them out on Fae until it gets cooler.

dumtempe Fae recivas multe da bonaĵoj poŝte kaj la unua atingis nin hodiaŭ. mi aĉetis ĉi tiun kolrimenon ĉe de Creation4Creatures kaj ĝi estas perfekta por la maldika kolo de Fae! miaopinie ĝi ankaŭ bone aspektas sur Fae. :) fakte, baldaŭ ni ricevos duan kolrimenon ĉar mi hazarde trovis tre unikan kolrimenon kaj nepre devis aĉeti ĝin por Fae. mi afiŝos fotojn de ĝi poste kiam ni ĝin ricevos. :) baldaŭ Fae ricevos ankaŭ kelkajn sveterojn speciale faritajn por ŝi! fotojn pri la svetero mi afiŝos postposte ĉar mi ne provos vesti ŝin per ili ĝi la vetero fariĝos pli malvarma.


  1. Oh, pretty collar! I hope Fae enjoys her new sweaters, too.

  2. Fangs for the link, Teri bookmarked it. Furry purrty collars! We are digging at our Beastie Bands still, even though Teri trimmed back the velcro cuz she thought it might be poking our tender skins. And Disco's gets dirty cuz he's kinda oily...So she's looking for something different still. We can't wait to see your sweaters, too!

    Teri keeps forgetting to tell you how much she loves your 'logo' on all your photos! Did your pawrent design that? She had a friend design her cattery logo and she just found the orginal drawing and she'd love to have someone do something with it with a header on our bloggie. She likes how 'clean and crisp' your layout is and how you change your header photo all the's FUN!

    Ps: She also loves Fae's wrinkly Ta Ta's--us CRex look just the same, hahameow!

  3. @Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    thanks. :) yes, i "designed" (really i just doodled) the logo. do you have a particular kind of header in mind? you can email me at nighstar @ gmail . com (no spaces) and maybe i could come up with something for you. :)

  4. Fae's collar is great and that Etsy has so many cool things. We look forward to seeing Fae's sweaters. We love your logo on all your pictures too. (Wish we would have thought of doing that in the beginning of our blog.)

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