Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wordless wednesday / senvorta merkredo

forever crankycute. / ĉiame bel-plendema.


  1. Fae, you have such an expressive face!

  2. Hahaha, we love your crankycute face! Annie does cranky well, but maybe not so much the cute part. :-P

  3. Hi, Fae! I love the look on your face :-)
    I read the last post and I am so glad you are feeling better! But I have no idea about why you are being weird around food. My kids eat two meals a day. Since you are not a baby any more, I don't know three-meals a day is good or not. Maybe you haven't recoverd fully yet? I am sorry that I have no advise. I hope you will be feeling ok.

  4. Your crankycute face is adorable, Fae!

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