Saturday, June 11, 2011

another lesson learned / ankoraŭ unu lernita leciono

Fae finally did it! as an ice breaker Fae slowly went up to him, settled down and proceeded to try to clean him but Iggy wasn't having that... WHY?? men.... *shakes head* after several tries and several nips + glares from Iggy she finally just curled up and went to sleep. thankfully Iggy at least allowed that. hmph!

finfine Fae ĝin faris! unue Fae malrapide alproksimiĝis al li, kuŝis apud li kaj komencis purigi lin, sed tio ne plaĉis al Iggy..... KIAL?? viroj.... *malaprobante kapneas* post kelkaj provoj kaj kelkaj mordetoj + malafabla rigardado de Iggy, ŝi finfine ĉesis purigi lin kaj endormiĝis. dankinde almenaŭ tion Iggy permesis. hmph!

on a much more serious note, last night we had a really big scare. Iggy and Fae were chasing each other back and forth all over the place as usual and somehow Fae got her head caught in one of the blind cords.... i heard weird noises and ran to see what happened and found Fae frantically gasping & kicking while hanging from the cord by her head... her feet couldn't reach the ground. if neither of us had heard her or if this had happened while we weren't home..................... let this be a lesson to all with cats and blinds or dangling cords of any kind. such cords can be deadly.

kaj multoble pli serioze, la pasintan nokton okazis grandega teruro ĉe ni. kiel kutime Iggy kaj Fae ĉaskuradis unu la alian tra la tuta apartamento kaj iele la kapo de Fae kaptiĝis per krodo de ĵaluzio..... mi aŭdis strangajn sonojn kaj kuris por vidi kio okazis. mi trovis Fae, kiu panikante spiraĉadis kaj piedbatadis la aeron dum ŝi pendis sur kordo per la kapo... ŝia piedoj ne povis atingi la plankon. se ni ne aŭdis ŝin aŭ se tio okazis, kiam ni ne hejme estis.......................... ĉi tio estu leciono por ĉiuj, kiuj havas katojn kaj ĵaluzioj aŭ aliaj pendantaj kordoj. tiaj kordoj povas esti mortigaj.


  1. Oh, we're so glad Fae is okay! Very bad scare, indeed.

    That photo is sweet...Really, it hasn't taken them long to bond at all, grooming notwithstanding. :-)

  2. My Mommeh is a little bit jealous to see Fae and Iggy snuggling together already, but it is wonderful!

    What a skerry story about the blinds!

  3. Fae is a generous cat...for her to quickly accept Iggy in her life. Oh, please do something about the cord. We don't want anybody getting caught again. purrr....meow!

  4. That's scary !!!! Be careful about the cord ! I'm not sure what kind of cord you talking about. But I just suddenly think about her collar. Make sure it's for cat ( which always have elastic, when cat got stuck, they can survive ! ) and be sure you don't leave any rubber band or hair tie on the floor too.
    Be Careful !!! because one of our friend used to send to hospital by that !
    Hugs to her

  5. Like Fae and Iggy, will try to lick Ernie's head and Ernie will have none of it. And then sometimes he just gives in and lets Wally give him a good bath. Fae and Iggy are adorable sleeping together there!

    I'm glad Fae is okay after that scare with the blind cord! This happened to one of my previous cats...very scary! Now I wind the cords up around top to keep the cats from messing with them.

    Island Cats' mom

  6. That cord incident sounds very scary. I am glad you were at home when it happened and Fae is okay.

    the photo of Fae and Iggy curling up together is soooo adorable!! They are doing really well with each other :-)

  7. That is so scary about the cord! We are glad Fae is okay.

    That picture of Fae and Iggy is so sweet. We sure are happy they are doing so well together!

  8. Sweet picture of both of them next to each other! It sounds as though Iggy is playing hard to get:P
    Thanks for telling us about the blind cord snafu.I used to wonder about that possibility when Lewis and Esme would chase each other and run through the hanging cords but then I thought I was being overly imaginative! I now have the cords rolled up high and on a nail.Glad Fae was ok and that you were near by!! Thanks for the warning :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  9. Awww...friendships begin with naps, hahameow! Yes, Teri is terrified of blind cords and keeps the cords wrapped around plastic hooks at the top of the window.

  10. Cloon's Human: So glad Fae is ok, I've witnessed the plastic end getting caught/stuck in one of my cat's mouths before and of course after Clooney ate 18 inches of blind cord, I became super-diligent about the cords.

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