Monday, June 13, 2011

a very special coat / tre speciala mantelo

today Fae has a very special coat to model for you all! it was made by her Aussie grandma. :)

hodiaŭ Fae havas tre specialan mantelon por modeligi por vi ĉiuj! ĝi estis farita de ŝia Aŭstralana avino. :)

it's a tailored fit! / ĝi estas fasonita adaptaĵo!
though it looks tight, Fae can move freely. / malgraŭ tio, ke ĝi aspektas strika, Fae povas libere movi.
tailored to a cat's long arched back. / taŭga por la longa arkita dorso de kato.
easily put on and taken off two velcro fasteners. / facile vestigebla kaj malvestigebla per du lapfermiloj.

although he is a bit clothing-challenged at the moment, maybe one day Iggy can sport some nice fashions himself. :)
nuntnempe Iggy mallerte surhavas ilin, sed eble iutage ankaŭ li povos modeligi mojosajn vestaĵojn. :)

p.s. just to let everyone know, we secured all of the blind cords immediately after the accident, so hopefully there will be no more in the future.

p.s. mi volas sciigi ĉiujn, ke ni sekurigis ĉiujn ĵaluziajn kordojn tuj post la akcidento, do espereble tio neniam okazos denove estontece.


  1. Fae, That special coat look so cool on you. And I couldn't believe ! made by your grandma..Look so modern !!! like designed by Japanese Designer !

  2. That's a very pretty coat, Fae. Yours Grandma did a super good job on it. She seems like a nice Grandma. You look really pretty in it. We sure are glad you showed it two us :-) Has a happy day!

  3. Aah Fae...lovely coat love plus the natural'll make even Naomi Campbell weep. There's a shop down at Gold Coast selling all sorts of coats, designer brands but none looks as dashing as what your Grandma sewn. Would she make one for me? Oooh....I miss winter. purrr...meow!

  4. Fae, you look very stylish, and that's a great colour for you!

  5. What a thoughtful Grandmother and what a lovely coat Fae! You look sweet in purple...the colour of royalty-so fitting :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  6. Oh, it's beautiful, Fae! Purple is a very good color for you, for sure!

  7. How nice of Aussie grandma to send such a beautiful coat!! Fae looks so lovely in it.
    I would love to see Iggy in nice outfit, too!!

  8. That's a very stylish coat, Fae! And it's my favorite color! Purple!!


  9. Fae, love your new coat and the color looks fantastic on you!

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