Tuesday, June 28, 2011



  1. Ha! You two are behaving like typical "siblings." LOL.

  2. LOL!! You two are like twins! You agree that you don't like each other...it just sounds like love turned inside out :-)
    By the way you've got a great view from there!

  3. Whatever you say, I still beleive you two are madly in love to each other : )

  4. We agree with Mr. Puddy! It's too cute how you agree on dissagreein.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, this made me laugh SO HARD!

  6. Fae and Iggy,
    What a pair you are! MOL purrr....meow!

  7. we's just gonna hafta keep tunin' in to yer bloggie to see how this turns out;-) haff a happy day, you two crazy kits!!

  8. That is just the cutest! Makes us say "aw" for both kitties. (One of Fae's Humans, you are so talented and creative!)

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