Friday, June 17, 2011

fighting / batalado

as you've seen in previous posts, Fae and Iggy have been getting along amazingly well. they both seem to really like each other and Fae seems to be particularly fond of Iggy. (CRUSH???) regardless of that, they do fight. usually it's just a play fight but sometimes play fights turn a bit more serious. usually it's Fae who is the first to take things too far and sometimes (more often than not) she's the one that starts a fight. i can't for the life of my figure out why. Iggy goes around grumbling & yowling a lot (i swear he is the LOUDEST cat i have EVER met), maybe he says something insulting to/about her?? lmao

kiel vi vidis en la antaŭaj blogaĵoj, Fae kaj Iggy tute kaj mirinde amikiĝis. ŝajnas al mi, ke ili ege ŝatas unu la alian kaj precipe Fae ŝategas Iggy (ĉu AMO???) malgraŭ tio, ili ankoraŭ batalas unu la alian. kutime la batalo estas nur ludo, sed foje la ludo fariĝas tro serioza. kutime Fae estas la unua fariĝi tro serioza kaj foje (pli ofte jes ol ne) ŝi komencas la batalon. la kialon mi tute ne komprenas. tre ofte Iggy grumblante kaj kriante iras tra la apartamento (li estas la PLEJ laŭta kato mi IAM renkontis), eble li diras insultojn al/pri ŝi?? mdr

anyway, here's a video of one of their favorite types of play fights: "Battle for the Tower". expect more and better fight photos/videos to come in the future.

ĉiuokaze, jen filmeto pri unu el iliaj plej ŝatataj specoj de lud-batalo: "Batalo por la Tur'". atendu por vidi pli bonajn kaj pli multe da fotoj(n)/filmetoj(n) pri iliaj bataloj estontece.


  1. I've been catching up with your posts about Iggy! He and Fae make such an adorable pair. <3 I'm glad they seem to getting on well despite the occasional battle..! :)

  2. Hi you guys! Please don't worry about the kitty quarrels. We has them around here all the time! Our Mumsy can't figure out who does the starting. Sometimes, we get a little rough and put an ouchie on each other. But it goes away and we pile up, or bees nice after. Fae so pretty and Iggy so handsome. It all bees okay :-) We sure hope alls you has a good weekend!

  3. The battle to become Queen or king of the castle! That was pretty tame though-they are being so gentle with each other. Esme would play, play, play with Lewis and then suddenly she would turn around and pop him in the face a few times. Even our human exchanges aren't purrfect all the time I guess. But overall, those two are doing great!
    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Jake and Angel have Aby Battles all the time. They sound very fierce, and Angel hisses a lot, but they're all in fun. Angel usually wins every round, too!

  5. Oh this happens to us all the time! We start play fighting and then it gets out of hand. Most of the time it's no big deal, but when it really gets to be a problem, our mom makes us to to opposite sides of the room for a time out.

  6. She is just reminding him who is boss after all she was there first. Seriously though this is common. Mine do it also. Sometimes I think that someone got carried away. Later they are back to cuddling again.

  7. LOL, that was like an old black & white Godzilla vs. Mothra movie!

  8. When Sammy and Moosey get a little too serious with the fighting, we put them in separate rooms until they settle down.

  9. Domestic dispute feline style! Fae wants to show who's boss, I think. purrr...meow!

  10. Bonjour Fae and Iggy's Human :)
    In answer to your question...the outfits K dressed the gang up in are from her doll collection. K is my eleven year old niece and she now has quite a collection of dolls and their clothing!
    LP :)

  11. Maybe it's a crush for Fae :-)
    I enjoyed watching the Battle for the Tower! Play fight is good...they are having a lot of fun!!

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