Monday, June 20, 2011

mancat monday: Iggy's first photoshoot

virkata lundo: la unua foto-seanco de Iggy

Iggy: "i'll try my best, OK?" / "mi multe klopodos, bone?"
thanks to Aussie grandma who made the coat that Fae modeled last week, Iggy has a new coat to model today! this time it wasn't Aussie grandma that made it, it was me! Aussie grandma taught me the basics of sewing and lent me her sewing machine! :D she also drew up a pattern based on Fae's red coat and modified it to make it longer. :) before making the coat that Iggy is modeling today I tried making a coat out of the purple corduroy that was used for Fae's previous coat, but this red one turned out much better.

dank' al  la Aŭstralana avino, kiu faris la mantelon, kiun Fae modeligis la pasintan semajnon, Iggy havas novan mantelon por modeligi hodiaŭ! ĉi-foje la Aŭstralana avino ne ĝin faris, mi ĝin faris! Aŭstralana avino instruis al mi la fundamentan kudradon kaj pruntis al mi sian kudrad-maŝinon! :D ŝi ankaŭ kreis modelfolion, kiu estas bazita sur la ruĝa mantelo de Fae kaj farigis ĝin pli longa. :) antaŭ ol mi faris la mantelon, kiun Iggy modeligos hodiaŭ, mi provis fari mantelon uzante la purpuran ŝtofon, kiu estis uzita por la antaŭa mantelo de Fae. la jena ruĝa mantelo estas pli bona ol tiu alia mantelo.

the coat is made out of fleece, which Iggy seems to really like. this is the first thing i've put on him that he hasn't tried to back out of and has walked normally in!

la mantelo estas farita el "fleece" kaj verŝajne ĝi tre plaĉas al Iggy. ĉi tio estas la unua aĵo, per kiu mi vestigis lin kaj li ne provis sin malvesti. li ankaŭ promenas normale en ĉi tiu mantelo anstataŭ rampi!

as you can see, the coat is longer than Fae's which is especially good for him because he himself is longer than Fae.

kiel vi povas vidi, la mantelo estas pli longa ol tiu de Fae. tio estas bone precipe ĉar Iggy mem estas pli longa ol Fae.

apparently the coat is also a butt warmer / verŝajne la mantelo ankaŭ estas pug-varmilo Iggy the manly mancat / Iggy la vireca virkato
treats! omnomnom / bongustaj krommanĝaĵoj!
this is Iggy's first time modeling and he worked really hard at it! i'm proud of him! he still has a ways to go before he'll be as good as Fae, but he definitely has potential, no? ;) as they say in Japan, お疲れ! thanks for your hard work, Iggy!

ĉi tiu estas la unua fojo por Iggy modeligi kaj li multe klopodis fari ĝin bone! mi estas tre fiera! li ankoraŭ devos ekzerciĝi multe por fariĝi tiel bona kiel Fae, sed li certe povas fariĝi tiel bona, ĉu ne? ;) kiel oni diras japanie, お疲れ! dankon pro via laboro, Iggy!

お疲れ! <3 Iggy


  1. Iggy you look very handsome in your new red coat! Your Human is very talented :) Well done.
    We like how it matches your cool red collar too.
    Iggy's Human , how are Iggy's allergies? Are they resolving themselves? He looks very healthy in the pics :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  2. Iggy,
    You look so dashing in that red coat. You sure make many girlcat's heart go a pitter patter. purrr...meow!

  3. That's great news! Maybe he was stressed in his old home and it caused an allergic reaction. Now that he is living the good life with you he will probably continue to flourish! :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Good modeling, Iggy! You look good in red.

  5. Iggy, Today Fashion look like a Super Mancat Cape !
    Let's fly to your human !!!

  6. You did real good on Iggy's coat! Maybe you should be a designer. And we think Iggy did just real good showing it off. He's so handsome.

    Happy Mancat Monday :-)

  7. Oh Iggy is becoming super model!! He looks so comfortable and confident. And how cool that you made that outfit!! It must be so much fun :-) I wish I could do that!

  8. Iggy, that coat looks great on you!! You did excellent in your first photo shoot!!

  9. Fae and Iggy's human we would be honored if you were President of Issa's fan club.Teehee. LP lacks organizational skills and would do better as your support person :P
    When Issa was a puppy, LP brought her into the store where she worked and people would drop by to visit with Issa rather than shop! :)
    LP and the critters in The Cottage

  10. hello, name-twin (well, my real name is "igmu", but efurrycat calls me iggy)! you looks pretty snazzy innat red coat. i know i would nefur efur haf the payshuns to be a model--you haf a real talent! hope we gets to read more about you soon.

    yer friend, igmu sapa

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