Monday, September 5, 2011

mancat monday: "mom sucks"

virkata lundo: "panjo aĉas"

panjo ne ĝisdatigas.... tio igas min KRIEGI!!
....sed ŝi JA donas al mi krommanĝaĵojn...
perenteze, pri KROMMANĜAĴOJ....
mi iros tien kaj LAŬTPLOROS k KRIEGOS ĝis mi ilin ricevos.

HONESTLY, there is a good(ish) reason why i haven't been updating or following my blogroll.....! but the reason will have to wait 'til later because i do suck. sorry. :(

VERE estas kialo pri kial mi ne ĝisdatigas nek sekvas miajn blog-amikojn lastatempe....! sed la kialon mi diros al vi poste ĉar mi ja estas aĉa. pardonon. :(


  1. No apologies are needed--this should be "blogging without obligation." Fun to do in our free time. We all understand that life has its ups and downs and other things take precedence.

    Besides, as long as the treats keep flowing, all is well. LOL.

  2. Oh no need for apologies! But it's nice to you, Iggy! We hope you get lots and lots of treats!!

  3. Iggy, I hope your ouchie feels better soon! Lots of treats always helps.

  4. Iggy,
    Don't diss your mom. That's not a manly thing to do. Try reverse psychology. Like, "mom, if you update the blog and blogwalk diligently I'm going to kiss and cuddle you". Works all the time. purrr...meow!

  5. OMC I think we can leave a comment again! Blogger mostly won't let us leave comments on your blog (we know because comment field says LP (Google) when it will let us which it has now...) Maybe if you added Anonymous as a potential comment category we could ALWAYS leave comments when Blogger won't let us under Goolge... :p
    Iggy you are looking very handsome and healthy!
    Tell your Mama she can blog and visit when she please. She is THE BOSS!!

    the critters in The Cottage

  6. Iggy, your ear looks like it hurts. We hope it feels all better real soon.

    Mom, no need to apologize! Kim is right ... this is all about fun, so enjoy. :)

  7. Oh no, you don't suck. I just hope things are ok with you.
    Iggy is so cute and funny. Did he actually scream until he got a treat? :-)

  8. Fae bit Iggy! Fae! No, you are sweet! Don't disillusion us :-(

    And Mom, don't worry. Hey, our Mumsy is having a big struggle right now. We so far behind and she so far behind in posts and comments... We agree with Fuzzy Tail - BWO! But sometimes... We feel bad when we gots such wonderful friends and we don't visit. So, we do understand. But, hey, it bees okay! This is what friends are for!

    Sooo.... (((hugs))) - and stop saying you suck on account you don't!
    You beautiful human!
    More (((hugs)))

  9. We might actually suck more because we are VERY, VERY behind in posting, visiting others and commenting. Seriously though, we don't think you suck at all. But Clooney thinks Iggy should use any excuse he can to get more treats! :)