Monday, September 19, 2011

mancat monday: "my monday"

virkata lundo: "mia lundo"

"ALL mondays should start with CHILLAXIN', in MY opinion. my eyes are WIDE because i heard a loud BIRD!!"
"anyway, I was enjoying CHILLAXIN' when the lady two-legger started being NOISY."

"ĈIUJ lundo komenciĝu per malstreĉiĝado, MIAopinie. miaj okuloj estas GRANDAJ ĉar mi aŭdis laŭtan BIRDON!!"
"ĉiuokaze, MI ĝuis malstreĉiĝadon kiam la ina dupiedulo faris laŭtan BRUON."

"went to see WHAT was going on and the two-legger was photoing (she calls it "photowhoring") her TOY."
"i JUST wanted to SMELL it and she was like 'NO NO, MOVE!'"
"PFFT. it was STINKY anyway!"

"iris por vidi KIO okazis kaj la dupiedulo fotadADis sian LUDILON."
"mi SIMPLE volis FLARI ĝin kaj ŝi laŭte diris 'NE NE, FORIRU!'"
"BAĤ. bone, ĉar ĝi fie odoras!"

"and then when i leave FAE comes and she has FAE model with it!"

"kaj tuj post mi foriris, FAE venis kaj ŝi petis FAE-n modeligi kun ĝi!"

"MEH. she probably thought MY handsomeness would OUTDO her TOY!"

"BA. verŝajne ŝi pensis, ke MIA belegeco estus tro PLI BONEGA ol tio de ŝia LUDILO!"
"ne gravas."

"i enjoyed the WARM weather and SIGHTS from my favorite window."
"the TWO-legger and FAE can be SILLY all they want."
"I don't need THEM."

"mi ĝuis la VARMECAN veteron kaj la VIDAĴOJN de mia plej ŝatata fenestro."
"la DUpiedulo kaj FAE povas esti STULTAJ-- mi ne zorgas pri ilin."
"MI fartas tute bone SEN ili."

"p.s. HAPPY monday & Meow Like A Pirate Day, everyone! I don't know HOW to meow like a PIRATE. :("
"p.s. FELIĈAN lundon kaj tagon de "Miaŭi Kiel Pirato", al ĉiuj! MI ne scias, KIEL miaŭi kiel PIRATO. :("


  1. Iggy,
    "MEH. she probably thought MY handsomeness would OUTDO her TOY!""whatever."
    OMC!!! That statement makes me MOL. purrr....meow!

  2. Awwww, Iggy! Hey, ye can hang out wif us today! We got nip grog and a fine fast boat. Weigh anchor and let's go rule the seas!

    Ummm, we also send you (((hugs)))

  3. OMC !!!! My mom use Olympus too !!! Evil for me, But Angel for her !
    I'm sure you will be the model if you love da flash box !

  4. Coco loves that sensuous lounging photo of you, Iggy...Kinda Tall, Dark and Handsome...No wonder the ooman and the flashy box follow you around!

  5. Iggy you would probably blow that camera lense apart if your Mama focused on you for too long. Your coat looks like it is coming in beautifully! That's what love and good food will do for you :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  6. We think you're probably right, Iggy. That camera simply can't handle your handsomeness, dude! :)

  7. I would rather look out the window than model, anyway!

  8. Yes, Iggy, I think the two-legger is a little intimidated by your handsomeness. Let Fae do all the job so you can just chillaxin'...:-)

  9. Oh Iggy! You should appreciate the fact that the ol' two legger doesn't wanna put that flashy box thing in your face.

  10. Now how can such a photogenic cat as you not want to be photographed?!

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