Tuesday, September 20, 2011

summer's coming! / somero pliproksimiĝas!

a lucky shot! Fae never stays lying down when a camera's around.
bonŝanca foto! neniam Fae restas kuŝanta kiam proksime estas fotilo.
the past couple of days have been unexpectedly warm here in Brisbane. it's suppose to get cooler again, but ignoring that it feels like summer! and  the cats have been taking full advantage of the situation. no more heater licking for Iggy! and no more sleeping under the covers with us humans at night. :(

looking forward to my first summer having two cats again. :) also looking forward to the upcoming Gotcha Day and Birthday!

la pasintajn kelkajn tagojn estis neantaŭpensite varmaj en Brisbano. laŭ la veterprognozo, la vetero denove fariĝos malvarmete, sed malgraŭ tio, estas kvazaŭ estas somero! kaj la katoj bone uzas la situacion kiel advantaĝo. ne plu Iggy lekadas la varmigilon! kaj ne plu ili dormas kune kun ni homoj sub la lit-kovriloj ĉiunokte. :(

antaŭĝojas mi mian unuan someron delonge kun du katoj. :) ankaŭ antaŭĝojas mi la pliproksimiĝantan adoptotagon kaj naskiĝtagon de la katoj!

p.s. i will try to start commenting on everyone's blog again! i really regret having missed so many of your posts....
p.s. mi klopodos komenci legi viajn blogojn ree! ege bedaŭras mi, ke mi ne legis viajn blogojn delonge...


  1. Yep ! here it start to getting warm too ! and now I start to come home late and my mom have a new schedule ! Crazy cat lady !!!! she have to go out and call me and take me home...tee..heh

  2. We're starting to snuggle up with the mom again at night now, since it's cooling down here. Yesterday was 7C early in the AM, but today it was 16C. Soon the mom will be in long johns, though, and wearing many, many layers. LOL.

    Enjoy your warming weather!

  3. Fae looks so comfy! Yup, we finally cooling off here - yay!

  4. that is way too sweet and comfy! we love you. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  5. I like looking at your belleh, Fae. Is that wrong of me?

  6. It's getting cold here in Vancouver, Canada!!
    Fae looks about the same size as Esme (four pounds or so) but Iggy looks much bigger...or is that the camera?
    Speaking of cameras...I was looking for one that would be good for taking outdoor pics (plants/flowers/buildings/critters) and indoor pics of the critters. Do you like your Olympus camera?

    the critters in The Cottage XO

  7. @LP

    hi LP. :) glad that you can comment again!

    Esme is only 4lbs?? wow... Fae's actually around 7lbs. :) Iggy is heavier and larger than Fae, but build wise he's lankier than Fae. He has a very long and slender build. :)

    re: cameras, check out my reply to your Meow Like a Pirate post. :) i do like my camera (it's an Olympus PEN E-P2), although the autofocus is slow at times. for flower photos, you'd probably want a camera with good macro. if you get a fixed-lens/compact camera, that means a camera with a nice macro mode. if you get an interchangeable lens camera like mine, that means you need a lens that does good macro. for photos of cats, you need something that can take photos fast. for a compact, this means a camera with an "action" or "sports" scene mode. almost all compacts have them, but some are better than others. with an interchangable lens camera you can use "action/sport" mode too, but there are other options too.

    hope i havent confused you or given you too much information! any camera that is well-rounded and performs well would probably do what you'd like it to do. it's just a matter of mastering the camera and getting it to do what you want it to do. :) goodluck!

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