Friday, December 24, 2010

2 weeks / semajnoj

it's been exactly 2 weeks since we adopted Fae at a local RSPCA shelter, but it seems longer. i can't help but keep thinking about how lucky we are to have her. not only did she happen to become available for adoption right when i was actually looking into another cat, but that very day someone casually mentioned her to me and we just happened to meet her before at least 2 other people who had called and were coming to meet her. the whole thing was really nothing but luck and sometimes i think we're far luckier than her because she would have found a home either way, unlike some of the other shelter animals.

pasis 2 semajnoj de kiam ni adoptis Fae ĉe loka best-ŝirmejo de la RSPCA, sed ŝajnas pli antaŭlonge. mi ofte pensas pri kiel bonŝanca ni estas ĉar ni ŝin havas. estis tute hazarde, ke ŝi fariĝis adoptebla ĝuste tiam, kiam mi kontrolis alian katon por adopti. estis tute hazarde, ke ĝuste tiam iu menciis ŝin al mi kaj plue, ke ni renkontis ŝin antaŭ ol almenaŭ 2 aliaj homoj, kiuj telefonis kaj diris, ke ili venos por renkonti ŝin. la tuta afero estas nenion krom bonŝanco kaj foje mi pensas, ke ni estas multoble pli bonŝanca ol ŝi ĉar malsame kiel la aliaj bestoj ĉe la best-ŝirmejo, ŝi estus adoptita eĉ se ni ne ŝin adoptis.


  1. Awe, she is a precious kitty! :D Hope she has a good christmas with you!

  2. She is special any one would be luck to have her in their lives.

  3. She's beautiful! And having her will make your Christmas all the better!!

  4. I wonder how such a beautiful Devon Rex ended up at the shelter? I'm so glad Fae has a Forever home with you.

  5. Hello Fae! You are our newest follower and we are so happurry you googled and stumbled across our bloggie, too! We smiled to know you have found your forever home and know your Christmas will be Merry and Bright!

    Thanks for your compliments on our blog, we are furry purroud of it, too. Our Teri is a vet tech and she likes helping people take better care of their kitties, as well as just having fun blogging.

    Be careful with raw food and bacterial contamination like Salmonella. Teri's not 'against' raw, but you have to be very clean in preparing it, just as with human consumption. Grinders, surfaces, dishes need to be clean (1 part bleach to 32 parts water). Here's a very good website talking about raw diets:

    Ps: what is the other language on your blog?

  6. She is beautiful. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Happy 2 weeks anniversary!! Fae is so lucky to have you :-)

  8. G'Day Fae, how are ya going? What a darling photo! How's about we calls it a draw and say that you'z both lucky to have each other. Happy Holidays to you and your Humans!

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