Sunday, December 12, 2010

how we met Fae. (from LJ) [angle]


i've been interested in rex cats (cats with wavy/curly fur and other unique features) for a while. when i met my first Devon Rex at the Ekka in August, my interest skyrocketed. i got the business card of the breeder and decided that i would definitely look into getting one in the future. when i got home, i looked up the breeder's site and was astonished at the prices of her cats. i looked around at other breeders' sites and they weren't any better. needless to say, i was sad. would i ever be able to have a rex? Cornish Rexes were just as expensive. :(

anyway, as i mentioned in a previous post, i had just been approved to have a cat and already had my eyes on one. that cat was a 7yr old Cornish Rex who was currently under the RSPCA's care in a foster. he had been brought in by ambulance and was really sick. he's already been in foster for a month. anyway, thursday i went to the reception desk of the shelter that i volunteer at and asked about him. i was told that he was still really sick and would have atleast another month in foster and that he may well never recover and be put up for adoption.... i was very :((( at that... i offhandedly mentioned how i really wanted a rex and the reception manager was like "oh, i think there're some Devons at the Dakabin Shelter, let me check." so she did and found one that had just gone up for adoption that morning. she gave me the shelter's address and i went on to do my photography with barely contained excitement. once i finished, i logged onto the RSPCA's database and looked up the Devon. in short, her file said:

2yr old purebred Devon Rex - left in a box with 5 kittens at a vet clinic.

i txted David telling him to call me when he was off for lunch. when he did i told him about the Cornish Rex and asked if he wanted to meet the Devon that day (yesterday) during his break or today. he said today and so i put a lid on my anxiety and excitement and came home.

fast forward to today. David came home for lunch and i called the shelter to make sure the Devon was still available, which she was. when we got there, we met a adoption counselor and was asked what kind of cat we were interested in. after saying that i was interested in the Devon, she was like "oh sorry, she's on hold for someone who's on their way now".... i was like ".........oh..... that sucks blehblehbleh' eventually she was like "...are you the lady from the Fairfield Shelter that called about her? cause if so, she's on hold for YOU!" and i was like ":OOOOO really??? omg..." i told her how i didn't think she would put the cat on hold based on my call (because that's not allowed at Fairfield), but she was just like "psssh" to that. actually, the entire adoption process was way more lax at Dakabin than it is at Fairfield, which surprised me. or maybe she was just more lax with me since i volunteer at Fairfield? anyway, we decided to adopt her but we didn't want to do it today because we didn't have anything at home, not even a litter box. she said that there's no way they could hold the cat for various reasons, so if we wanted her we'd have to take her today and we could buy a litter box there etc. we thought that over and decided to adopt her today-- she's just too awesome. we'd just have to go by a pet store super quick (David had to get back to work) and bring her inside with us in her cardboard carrier..... we did, and she is now seemingly content in her new home. :] i'll stop at that for today because i need to go to bed, but she really is 200% awesomeness. <333


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