Friday, March 4, 2011

cat training? / kat-trejnado?

today i went to a brief dog training session at the RSPCA and when i got home i thought "why not try that with Fae?" so i started trying to teach Fae to sit on command and made a quick video of it. we got some practice in before i started recording but still i'm really surprised at how well she's doing already, especially considering how she is around treats. :)

hodiaŭ mi partoprenis mallongan lecionon pri trejnado por hundoj ĉe la RSPCA kaj kiam mi hejmenvenis mi pensis "kial ne provu tion kun Fae?"do mi ekprovis instrui al Fae sidiĝi laŭ ordono kaj haste filmis ĝin. ni ekzerciĝis iom antaŭ ol mi komencis filmi, sed mi ankoraŭ tre surpriziĝis pri kiel bone ŝi jam lernas, precipe ĉar ŝi kutime frenezetiĝas pri manĝaĵo. :)

double click the video to see it larger on YouTube. sorry about the horrible focusing during the video. i was trying out a new lens and a new setting. ;(

dufoje klaku la filmon por spekti ĝin pligrande ĉe YouTube. pardonon pro la malbonega enfokusigado dum la filmo. mi provis novan objektivon kaj novan agordon. :((


  1. That is awesome! Fae, you are so smart. I'll bet she would do really well with clicker training (that's how I learned to High Five). It just makes the training faster and easier.

  2. I honestly wasn't sure anyone could train a cat until I saw my brother train my mom's to fetch her own toy and bring it back to him. Suzy (cat) had to bring it clear back to where he could reach it she didn't get it thrown again! FUN!

  3. That is so great! Neytiri was sitting up by the computer screen listening to the video with her ears perked!

  4. Wow! Fae, she is so smart!!! She sure can learn many more things. I thought Fae riding on the shoulder is wonderful..she continues to surprise me!

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