Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my 1st cat show / mia 1a kat-ekspozicio

this weekend's Cat Spectacular cat show was really cool. :)) we so many different breeds of cats and also a few "housecats", all of whom were beautiful. there were several Devon Rexes in the show and for a moment i was really tempted to ask the Devon breeders if they recognized Fae... maybe she'd come from one of their catteries? but no, that would have been a bad thing to do and the answer doesn't really matter anyway. the other human thought that one of the Devons looked a lot like Fae, though.

la ĉi-semajna kat-ekspozicio "Cat Spectacular" estis mojosega. :)) ni vidis diversajn rasojn de katoj kaj ankaŭ kelkajn "dom-katojn" (miks-rasajn katojn). ĉiuj katoj estis belegaj. kelkaj DevonReksoj partoprenis la ekspozicion kaj momente mi deziris demandi al la posedantoj de la DevonReksoj, ĉu ili konas Fae.... eble ŝi naskiĝis ĉe unu de iliaj katoj? sed ne, tio estus terura demando kaj la respondo eĉ ne estas tre grava. tamen, la alia homo opiniis, ke unu el la DevonReksoj aspektis simila al Fae.

we left the cat show empty handed having not bought anything for ourselves or for Fae, but Fae already has some other new toys anyway and i have lots of photos to remember the experience by. here are a few of my favs. :)

ni forlasis la kat-ekspozicio aĉetinte nenion por ni aŭ por Fae, sed Fae jam havas kelkajn novajn ludilojn kaj mi havas multe da fotoj per kiuj mi povas memori la sperton. jen kelkaj el miaj plej ŝatataj fotoj. :)


  1. Great photos, but we think Fae is cutest of all of those kitties. I do not miss showing at all, as most exhibitors are kind of rude and one sometimes wonders if they truly love their cats or just winning.

    It is sad that Fae ended up in a shelter for whatever reason, but more than likely because her breeder wasn't 'there for her'.

    But what isn't sad is that you adopted her and she has the perfect forever home now...

  2. Thanks for sharing those photos! I also think Fae is the cutest of all.

  3. Cute photos, I like the first one with the paw coming out to touch the hand. And I agree with the above, so I move to elect Fae as the cutest cat of all...(The President of Cuteness)

  4. Love your site man keep up the good work


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