Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter etc / Feliĉan Paskon ktp

Feliĉan Paskon ktp.

happy belated Easter to those who celebrate the holiday. today is ANZAC Day in Australia, so combined with Easter we have a 5 day weekend here. you'd think i would have updated this blog more with all those days off! i'm really sorry for the lack of updates lately. 

al ĉiuj, kiuj festas Paskon, feliĉan malfruan Paskon. en Aŭstralio hodiaŭ estas la tago de ANZAC, do kune kun Pasko ni havas 5 tagojn de ferio. tial oni pensus, ke mi pli ofte ĝisdatigus ĉi tiun blogon pro pli da libera tempo! mi tre bedaŭras la lastatempa manko de ĝisdatigoj.

i love to take photos in general, but i'm not a very good writer. i always end up with lots of photos of Fae that i want to post but i lack the words to go with them, so i end up not posting at all. then i get WAY backlogged with photos and a lot of photos end up never being posted... *sigh* i should take inspiration from my blog friends who always post such wonderful posts about their cats. :(

mi amas fotadon ĝenerale, sed mi ne estas bona verkisto. ĉiam mi havas multe da fotoj pri Fae, kiujn mi volas blogi, sed mankas al mi la vortoj por blogi kun ili. fine mi nenion blogas kaj la neblogitaj fotoj pri Fae rapide fariĝas pli kaj pli multe.... *suspiras* mi estu inspirita de la bonegaj blogaĵoj pri katoj, kiujn blogas miaj amikoj. :(

but anyway, enough of my blabbering, this blog is about Fae! who is still scratching and has developed more scabs on her neck. :/ i'm going to call the vet but can't do so until Wednesday due to all of the holidays. :/ i hope the vet will be able to figure out what's causing her itching.

ĉiuokaze, mi ĉesu mian babilaĉadon ĉar ĉi tiu blogo temas pri Fae! Fae ankoraŭ sin gratadas kaj pro tio ŝi denove havas vundojn ser la kolo. :/ mi telefonos la bestkuraciston sed mi devas atendi ĝis merkredo pro la nunaj ferioj. :/ mi esperas, ke la bestkuracisto povos malkovri la kialon de la gratado de Fae.

cat yoga! / kat-jogo!


  1. Sending good thoughts that Fae's itching will be resolved quick! She hasn't gots any bugs, does she?

  2. @♥Da fambly kitties♥

    hi! thanks for visiting & for the good thoughts. :)

    i haven't seen any bugs on her and she's on Revolution (flea stuff), so i don't think it's bugs... :(

  3. We hope you all had a Happy Easter. Could Fae's scratching be related to an allergy? Ernie scratches a lot whenever his allergies are bad.

  4. Fae dear,
    I hope your itchy phase will be over soon. Purrlease tell your human that it's OK to post wordless entries too. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words.... purrr....meow!

  5. Fae, we always like looking at your photos, and we always enjoy whatever your mom writes about you!

  6. 5 day weekend? How nice!! We had 3 day weekend and I was back to work today...I was not happy!
    But it's too bad that Fae still have itchy problem. I hope you will find out what it is when you take her to the vet.
    I love and always enjoy both you photos and writings :-)

  7. We're always happy to visit, and love both picture-intensive and wordy posts about beautiful Fae. :)

    We have our paws crossed that you and the vet can figure out soon why poor Fae has the itchies...

  8. Just a thought, declare Fridays "FaeDay". Then just post a bunch of pics of her, if you can think of a caption, or description great if not great, either works.

    Hope you can figure out what is causing her to scratch so much. Have you tried leaving her collar off for a few days? Maybe she is messing with it and scratching her self in the process.

  9. Cloon's Human: Oh purrs to Fae, hope the mystery of the itching will be soon solved. Those are sweet photos. And your blog is one of my favorites. I think it is purr-fect just the way it is and has always been (that's why it's one of my favorites...) but also seeing just pictures would be wonderful because you take such great ones.

    Clooney: Uh, that will be a case of Num-Nums please for the good review...KIDDING! We love ya!

  10. Bonjour One of Fae's humans!
    Thank you for the kind words you left re:Lewis our sweet boy.
    Maybe the collar is causing Fae's itching.We have devons and their necks are so sensitive because of the sparse fur around it.Food allergies mught be an issue too.Devons should be fed a grain free diet.Two ideas to consider.Sorry if you've already thought of them!
    Your site is lovely.
    the critters in The Cottage

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