Friday, May 20, 2011

helpful Fae / helpema Fae

last week the other human got a new computer. he ordered the parts online and built the computer himself like only a crazy person would do. Fae was very curious about the process, of course. she had to come and check things out.

la pasintan semajnon la alia homo akiris novan komputilon. la erojn li mendis rete kaj li mem konstruis la komputilon ĉar frenezuloj tion faras. kompreneble, Fae estis ege scivola pri la konstruado. ŝi nepre devis veni proksimen por ĉion rigardi.

"don't know what he's doing, but i better help." / "mi ne scias, kion li faras, sed mi helpu."
"hmmm.... "
other human: "move plz"; Fae: "BUT I HELP!" / alia homo: "movu, bv"; Fae: "SED MI HELPAS!"

the other human didn't appreciate Fae's help and removed her from the table.
la alia homo estis nedankema pro la helpo de Fae kaj movigis ŝin for de la tablo.


and this is how Fae felt about that. :P she didn't give up, however.
kaj jen kiel Fae sentis pri tio. :P tamen, ŝi ne rezignis pri tio.

other human: "no thanks" / alia homo: "ne, dankon"

and yet again her help was unappreciated.
kaj ankoraŭ denove li ne estis dankema pro ŝia helpo.

"whatever he's doing, i bet it won't work!" / "kion ajn li faras ne sukcesos, mi certas!"

eventually she reluctantly retired to the fridge to "snoopervise" and the other human finished building his computer which worked despite probably having a few Fae hairs in it. :)

post multe da provoj, ŝi finfine malĝoje foriris kaj restis sur la fridujo por kontroli la situacion. la alia homo finfine finkonstruis sian komputilon kaj la komputilo bone funkciis malgraŭ tio, ke ene verŝajne troviĝas kelkaj Fae-aj haroj. :)


  1. Fae, humans just don't understand that we want to help, that they NEED our help and snoopervision! But no, they seem to want to muddle along by themselves, and most of the time they make a mess of what they're doing. If only they listened to us, they'd save themselves so much time and effort!

  2. Fae, I'll bet you could have built that computer in no time!

  3. Fae, I bet you may have had some handy tips...but the top of the fridge IS an excellent snoopervisory spot.

  4. MOL.. Fae, I love the way you keep trying....ha..ha..
    Human , sometime they just don't understand how smart we are !
    If he know, I think he will beg you for help instead put you away without no kisses !

  5. Fae, we know you could have put that computer together blind folded! "Other human" will no doubt turn to you when it all falls apart...
    the critters in The Cottage
    P.S."Yes, you're right. Esme is not insisting I get up in the morning.In fact, she sleeps in my arms until I wake up and is annoyed that in doing so , I have disturbed her sleep!! :)

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