Thursday, June 9, 2011

all's well / ĉio bonas

(photos from earlier this week / fotoj de pli frue ĉi-semajne)

thanks for all of the nice comments, everyone. :) things are going well in the Apartment Of Fae! so well that i've caught Fae cleaning Iggy on more than one occasion. when she did it yesterday Iggy moved away (how rude!) but today he let her! :D GO FAE! she also seems to be trying to get up the courage to sleep next to him but hasn't quite gotten that far yet.

dankon al ĉiuj pro viaj afablaj komentoj. :) ĉio estas bona ĉe la Apartamento De Fae! tiel bona, ke mi eĉ rimarkis, ke dufoje Fae purigis Iggy-on. la unuafoje (hieraŭ) kiam Fae tion faris, Iggy movis for de ŝi (terure malafable!), sed hodiaŭ li permesis, ke ŝi tion fari! JEJ FAE! ankaŭ ŝajnas al mi, ke ŝi provas kuraĝiĝi por dormi apud li, sed ŝi ankoraŭ ne sukcesis.

Iggy's first vet visit went better than expected yesterday. at first he panicked a bit in the carrier but not as bad as he panicked the day we brought him home. once we got there he handled being seen by the vet very well! he didn't even flinch while getting his temperature taken. :) the vet said he was in good health and even his skin was great! she was skeptical about him having an allergy to other cats, that his allergy was probably triggered by something else. we will have to keep a very close eye on him. she also said it was best to not treat him for the cat flu yet as his symptoms are still minor. hopefully his immune system can fight it off on its own and get stronger from it. we'll be taking him back to the vet at the end of the month for his second round of vaccinations.

hieraŭ la unua vizito al bestkuracejo por Iggy iras pli bone ol ni antaŭpensis. unue li iome panikis en la bestportilo, sed ne tiel multe kiel kiam ni unue hejmen portis lin. kiam ni alvenis li kondukis tute bone kun la bestkuracisto! li eĉ ne movis kiam la bestkuracisto lian temperaturon kontrolis. :) la bestkuracisto diris, ke li estas bonsana kaj eĉ lia haŭto estas bonega! ŝi tute ne kredas, ke li vere havas alergion kontraŭ aliaj katoj. ŝi opinias, ke lia alergio estas kontraŭ ion alian kaj ni devos atente rigardi lin. ŝi ankaŭ diris, ke estus plej bone ne doni al li medikamenton ĉar liaj nunaj simptomoj estas ankoraŭ ne tre gravaj kaj espereble lia korpo mem povos sukcese batali la malsanon kaj pro tio fariĝos pli forta kontraŭ la malsano. ni denove portos lin beskuracejen je la fino de la monato por ricevi duan aron da vakcinado.

today Iggy & Fae spent the day sleeping in blankets around the heater and with good reason! it's been the coldest day on record since 2000! brrrr..... i wish i could have stayed home and slept it off. ;( i'm really enjoying having two cats again. having just Fae was awesome, don't get me wrong, but there's something i've missed about having two cats. it's really nice to have two again. :)

hodiaŭ Iggy k Fae forpasis la tutan tagon dormantaj en tapiŝoj ĉirkaŭ la varmigilo. hodiaŭ estis la plej malvarma tago ĝis 2000! brrrrr..... mi deziras, ke ankaŭ mi povus resti hejme kaj dormi tuttage. :'( mi tre ĝuas havi denove du katojn. havi nur Fae estis bonege, certe! tamen, mi sentis la mankon de io kiam mi havis nur unu katon. havi denove du katojn estas ege bonege. :)


  1. Two cats that get along well are great to have -- they keep each other company and provide endless entertainment. :-)

    We're glad Iggy's vet visit went well...You can try adding some L-Lysine powder (comes in gel capsules that you break apart) if he has a kitty cold. I give a half-capsule to the boys every day, in their canned. You can give more if they have a flare up (it's for the Herpes virus, is an amino acid that binds to the virus molecules and lessens the severity and duration of the symptoms). If it's another virus, though, the Lysine won't be of much use, I don't think. It won't hurt, of course.

    -Mom Kim

  2. We are so happy that Fae and Iggy seem to be getting along well. Fae grooming Iggy is a good sign. And sleeping together is even better! Yep, we bet you're gonna get lots of enjoyment out of watching the two of them together!!

    And we're glad Iggy did so well at the vet!!

  3. The story of Fae and Iggy is like a fairy tale....and they live happily ever after. Unlike Brad and Angelina's relationship (after almost 4 years) that's best termed as "frenemies". No, they've never groomed each other. purrr...meow!

  4. We had a feeling Fae would do well with a friend! It looks like Iggy needed a friend too :)
    Well you know what Hemingway said..."One cat leads to another..." Two cats are indeed wonderful because there is comfort knowing they have each other and they provide so much entertainment for the humans!
    Keep snuggling you two :)
    the critters in The Cottage

  5. Whoa! Harley and I don't even groom each other after 2 years together!

  6. That is all such great news! Fantastic! That picture of Iggy with his head upside down is the very cutest!

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