Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i had a post almost all typed up and ready to go when suddenly (because the other human suddenly let Fae out of a room) Fae and Iggy did something that made that post no longer worth posting!

mi jam preskaŭ fintajpis blogaĵo kiam subite (ĉar la alia homo subite malfermis la prodon de la ĉambron en kiu estis Fae) Fae kaj Iggy faris ion, kion fariĝis tiun blogaĵon negrava!


i don't have any good photos because the suddenness of it and i had to keep a close eye on them, but they played with a ball together and ate treats together! it was short, but oh so sweet! i'm so happy that all of the other stuff i was going to post about can wait!

bonajn fotojn mi ne havas pro la subiteco de la renkonto kaj ĉar mi devis atentege rigardi ilin, sed ili ludis kune per pilko kaj kune manĝis iom da krommanĝaĵoj! la renkonto estis mallongtempa sed dolĉega! mi estas tiel feliĉega, ke la aliaj aferoj, pri kiu mi antaŭe skribis ne gravas!

except for the fact that Iggy has a vet appointment in the morning to clear up a minor case of the cat flu that he's caught from Fae. also, Iggy has successfully eaten his first two raw meals. 8)

krom la fakto, ke morgaŭ Iggy vizitos la bestkuraciston ĉar li havas la kat-gripon dank' al Fae. ho, kaj Iggy sukcesis manĝi krudan manĝaĵon unuafoje. 8)


  1. Hooray for Fae and Iggy !!!!
    Your human must be thrilled : )
    Great to have a real sweet buddy..I can't wait to see the next move of both of you.

  2. This is all great news! Hurrah for budding friendships. :-)

    And purrs to Iggy that he feels better soon!

  3. Great news! It looks like love is in the air :) You must be thrilled!
    the critters in The Cottage
    Hope Iggy gets over the cold quickly!

  4. This is great!! It sure didn't take long!! We bet Fae is happy to have a new friend!!

  5. Hooray! That is so fantastic! It sounds to us like Fae and Iggy are on thier way to being great friends. :)

  6. That is wonderful news! The distraction of treats or toys always helps keep the focus off the newcomer. I hope the "vet" smell doesn't get Fae upset!

  7. Hooray!! Best of friends in no time.

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