Saturday, June 25, 2011

weekend randomness / semajnfina hazardeco


  1. Those are nice! We hasn't gotten to see much black & white photo-graphery. But our Mumsy really likes it. One of her most favorite pictures of our Da is a black & white one she tooked of him a few years ago. Mumsy is funny. She says she likes the way the light plays with him. We don't understand that. We has looked and looked at dat picture and he bees just sitting there. There ain't, sorry "isn't", no play being there. We know what play looks like. She also says you, Fae Human, bees an artist. And we know she is right about that. Mumsy likes lookin at your pictures on dis blogginer. She will make it biggie on hers iPad and show it to us sayin, look see how the light shines on Fae in dis pictures? And we looks real close. Then Mumsy will say, see that, this photo-tog-grapher has a real eye for Beauty and is an artist. An artist just as if they were painting on a canvas, only they bees using a camera instead of paint. So then we looks even closer at the picture.

    We just thought we'd tell you about that 'cos now seemed a good time to. :-) We hope alls you has a good weekend. And thank you for sharing all your neat pictures.

  2. Oh these photos are beautiful!! Black & White photo can be boring sometimes, but yours are dramatic! I absolutely love them!!

  3. Love those black and whites! I agree, you are an artist.

  4. Totally pawesome, Fae's human. May we adopt you? purrr....meow!

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