Friday, July 8, 2011

BLOGCATION: July 9 - 28, 2011

first of all i want to apologize to everyone for my lack of posts and for not visiting & commenting on your blogs lately! i have been very busy the past week for two reasons: 1. because me and the other human are about to go on vacation to Singapore; 2. because once we get back from vacation i will be applying for a very important visa! a visa that if not granted i will have to leave Australia IMMEDIATELY! so as you can imagine, i'm really stressing out about this....

unue mi deziras pardonpeti al ĉiuj pro la manko de blogaĵoj kaj pro ne viziti k lasi komentojn al viaj blogoj lastatempe! la pasintan semajnon mi estis tre okupata por du kialoj: 1. ĉar mi kaj la alia homo estas havonta ferion en Singapuro; 2. ĉar kiam ni revenos de la ferio mi min aplikos por ege grava vizo! kaj se mi ne sukcesos pri la vizo mi devos TUJ forlasi Aŭstralion! do kiel vi certe povas imagi, mi treege streĉiĝas pri tio....

while we are away Fae and Iggy will be well cared for at the Cat's Meow, a cattery that me and the other human visited and liked. they'll have a "VIP Garden Suite" with their own private room and attached garden in which they can come and go as they please. it should definitely be interesting for them since they're indoor cats who have only explored the outdoors on leashes and in arms. :) we will miss them and you all very very much but will be back soon! take care everyone!

dum nia ferio Fae kaj Iggy estos bone prizorgata ĉe la Cat's Meow, kiu estas simila al hotelo por katoj. mi kaj la alia homo jam vizitis ĝin kaj ĝin ŝatas. :) Fae kaj Iggy loĝos en "Ĝardena Ĉambro" en kiu ili restos kune (malkune kun aliaj katoj) kaj ili havos ilian propran ĝardeneton por libere eksplori. tio certe estos ege interesa por ili ĉar ili loĝas en apartamento kaj nur eksploras ekstere per jugiloj kaj brakoj. :) ni tutkore sentos la mankon de ili kaj de vi ĉiuj, sed ni baldaŭ revenos! fartu bone, ĉiuj!


  1. Wow! That looks like a lovely place for Iggy and Fae to have a little holiday. I just read you can have a webcam put in their room too. Are you going to do that? How cool!

  2. We hope you have a good vacation. It sounds like Fae and Iggy will have their own vacation at the cattery!!

    And we hope all works out as to your visa too.

  3. Have a terrific holiday, and best of luck re: the visa.

    Fae and Iggy will do just fine, though we're sure they'll miss you!

    Take care!

  4. Have a great holiday! We'll miss you!

  5. Have a great holiday ! Have a safe trip ! and purrs for your Visa

  6. We hope you have a superb vacation and that your paperwork is stress free when you come back.
    The cat hotel looks very nice!!

  7.'re vacationing in a neighbouring country! Come one up, add another 45mins flight time. har har har *evil laughs*

  8. The Cat's Meow sounds totally cool! We think we'd like to vacation there. We'd like that private room and attached garden thing there! Try not to stress, even though we know you will. We will purr and have good thoughts for you and your visa. No worries, blogginers are for funs with friends :-) Take lots of beautiful pictures, we know YOU will!

    Kitty kisses and nosebumps.

  9. Oh, Singapore!! It sounds wonderful! I would love to visit there some day. I hope you will have a wonderful time there. Be safe, and try not to be too stressed about visa. I am looking forward to your posts about your vacation!

  10. Enjoy your vacation! It sounds like Fae and Iggy will be well cared for, too. :)

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