Sunday, July 3, 2011

easy sunday / facila dimanĉo

the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. i should have followed Fae & Iggy's example, but no. i've been up and going since 5:30 am. :(

la perfekta maniero por forpasi dimanĉan matenon. estus plej bone, se mi sekvis la ekzemplon de Fae k Iggy, sed ne. mi vekiĝis kaj komencis la tagon je la 5:30 atm. :(


  1. I did : ) Morning till afternoon, and then now I'm outside ( 7.30 Pm. Now )
    Mom keeps calling me, but seems I like I'm too awake to get back home : )

  2. The mom says if you got to sleep in till 5:30AM, count yourself lucky. LOL. It's been years since she's slept past 4AM or sometimes 4:30, and most mornings, even on weekends and holidays, she's up before 4AM. Not that this has anything to do with us "pestering" her for food, though.

  3. Those two sure know how to take it easy!!

  4. Follow the cats advice. Take it easy and rest that is what Sundays are for. Also Monday, Tuesday, etc.

  5. 5:30! Fae and Iggy needs to have the serious talk with you about taking it easy whenever you can gets a chance! We like those pictures. Alls you need to do is the same thing! Honest, if they needs something, they'll wake you up. We promise ;-)

    We so glad Iggy like us as his biggest fans :-) We proud IBFs = Iggy Biggest Fans!

    We hope you guys enjoy the 4th, alls you - has a happy!

  6. Oh no, 5:30!! It's way too early! I wake up at 6:00 for my kids' breakfast, but I go back to sleep when it's weekend. Fae and Iggy are showing a good example :-)

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