Friday, August 12, 2011

baby Fae & Iggy?! / infanaj Fae k Iggy?!

Talons... Suspicious Eyes
photos by/fotoj de Peter Hasselbom



i don't have photos of Fae or Iggy as kittens, sadly. i stumbled upon these photos on Flickr months ago and was amazed at how much the kitten resembled Fae. :) i wonder what Fae and Iggy were like as kittens.... no doubt they were little terrors! i find it hard to even imagine them as kittens because they're STILL very kitten like now, so imagine how much worse more of a handful they would have been back then!

bedaŭrinde mi he havas fotojn pri aŭ Fae aŭ Iggy de kiam ili estis katidoj. antaŭ kelkaj monatoj mi hazarde trovis ĉi tiujn fotojn ĉe Flickr kaj mi miris pri kiel simila la katido estas al Fae. :) mi scivolas, kiel estis Fae kaj Iggy kiam ili estis katidoj.... sendube ili estis teruraj! estas malfacile por mi imagi ilin kiel katidoj ĉar ili ANKORAŬ nun kondutas kvazaŭ ili estas katidoj, do imagu kiom multoble pli malbona malfacile prizogeblaj ili devis esti tiam!

hmmm.... maybe Iggy looked like this as a kitten. ;)
hmmm.... eble Iggy aspektis jene kiel katido. ;)

Feather Play 6 Black Smoke Devon Rex Kitten
photos by/fotoj de Peter Hasselbom


  1. Awe those are some cuties! Too bad you dont have any of fae was she was a kitten, I bet she was ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Well they are both pretty darn cute now so as kittens they would have been what they are now but in mini versions! Very Cute!
    Those kitten pics look exactly like Fae and Iggy though. Cool!

    the critters in The Cottage

  3. Ŭaŭ! La katidaj ungegoj en la unua foto aspektas esti tute akregaj; mi ne volus ĉagreni ŝlin!

  4. I was 12 weeks old when I was adopted. My Mommeh is sad that she hardly took any photos of me as a bebbeh.

  5. I was 7 months old when I was adopted by my mom so she doesn't have any baby pictures of me either.


  6. Wow, the resemblance is uncanny! We often wonder what Sammy and Moosey looked like as kittens (we adopted them as adults)...

  7. So cute - unfortunately I was 'rescued' at 6 months so I started life with the humans nearly fully formed. Although I have been working on my tummy ever since. FAZ

  8. Most of us were adopted as grown cats, our Mumsy wishes she could have had more baby pictures too. One thing, looking at Fae and Iggy now... weeellll, "You must have been a beautiful baby, 'cos baby, look at you noooooowwww!"

    Have a happy weekend!

  9. They are very cute photos of kittens! My boys were both about 4months old when they came to our house. So I wonder how they looked when they were younger. I'm sure Fae and Iggy were very cute!!

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