Monday, August 15, 2011

mancat monday: something "important"

note: Iggy wouldn't let me use a more legible font because he said it had to be THAT one, so apologies if this is a little hard to read.
noto: pardonegon, sed ĉi tiu blogaĵo estas nur anglalingva ĉar traduki ĉiujn fotojn estus tro multe da laboro.. pardonon! :(


  1. We're laughing hard at this, especially at that second to last photo--the caption for it. :-D

    The font is cute, Iggy, but yeah, a bit hard to read for middle-aged humans who need glasses. LOL!

  2. Awe for the kiss! :D and this font is cute!!!!!

  3. Well, it's clear to us you do the work Iggy! But how about that KISS from Fae!The work has to be that much easier with all that loving support!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Iggy, excellent Mancat Monday post! You did a fantastic job securing the premises and we enjoyed your story tons! PS: Uh, I thinks the kiss DID happen cause we just saw it on the interwebs...

  5. Iggy, you're the Mancat! (I saw that little kiss, too!)

  6. What a fun post!! I like this font. It's cute! And I love the kissing photo - you two are so adorable :-)

  7. Oh Iggy! We think you need to beg louder so your mom can't stand it anymore and lets you go outside!! And yes, that did so happen!! ;)

  8. This is Fun Post ! The Font are cute, but difficult to read some time !
    I love the kiss part ! Iggy's face is priceless..Ha..Ha..ha

  9. Iggy has a girlfriend! Iggy has a girlfriend! Iggy has a girlfriend!
    The look on Iggy's face: priceless
    purrrr *giggles*

  10. We just love the look on Iggy's face after the kiss! You guys are so much fun! We loved this one!

    You the man, Iggy!

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