Saturday, September 24, 2011

a rant (feel free to ignore)

i'm really pissed off right now and i feel the need to rant. feel free to ignore this. there won't be any photos or Esperanto in this post.

mi estas ege kolerega nuntempe kaj sentas kvazaŭ mi nepre devas skribi patoson. senhezite ignoru ĉi tiun blogaĵon. mi ne afiŝos fotojn nek tradukon en Esperanton. se vi deziras scii la enhavon, bv kontakti min: noktema @ gmail . com

for the past two months the apartment that we live in has been up for sale by its owner (we are just renting). this means that for the past two months people have been trampling throughout our apartment during open houses and inspections. for the past two months i've had to keep this place as clean as possible and have had to make sure that i was present during every open house or inspection to ensure that the cats didn't get in the way or RUN away when doors have been left open.

saying that this has been a pain in the ass would be an understatement. not only is it physically exhausting, it's been emotionally exhausting as well. as long as the future owner of this apartment is uncertain, our future home is uncertain beyond the extent of our lease (til April 2012) and finding cat-friendly rentals is very hard here. on top of this there has been some "drama" due to us having a second cat when we were only granted permission for one. long story short, we asked for permission to have a second and waited a week for a reply but never got it before we were due to meet Iggy. we fell in love, brought him home and the next day were told we weren't allowed a second cat. we had been successfully hiding him until these open houses. this extra drama is our own fault, of course. meh.

anyway, today there was a major mix-up in the open house time. we were told that it would be at 2pm but it ended up being at 10am at which time i was at the grocery store. i didn't get back until 10:35am to find the apartment doors all wide open................... thankfully both cats were still inside the apartment, but i nearly had a heart attack until i confirmed that Iggy was there. Iggy has a history of escaping through doors......... i feel that it was INCREDIBLY lucky that Iggy had stayed in the apartment.... lucky for EVERYone involved because i sure as hell would have raised hell on earth with the real estate agency had Iggy or Fae escaped because of them.

i am sick and tired of all this real estate crap. i'd rather find a new place to live right now than continue to deal with this open house/inspection crap for god knows how long until the place sells, but we can't due to our lease. i am fed up with the real estate everything in Brisbane/Australia. it's very different here from how it is in America.......... i miss America sometimes.

.....ok, i better stop there before i go off in another direction. rest assured that the cats received lots of treats once the real estate agent was gone.


  1. Must be a stressful time for the kitties too. purrr...meow!

  2. Oh no it sounds really exhausting. I feel so upset about the mix-up in the time for open house. It scares me to think that Fae and Iggy could be lost...I am glad they stayed home. I hope this difficult time will be over soon.

  3. Sucks.And no doubt really stressful to have strangers marching through your private space as though it were an outdoor market open to the public!The real estate company seems incredibly iresponsible too not to mention disruptive and disrespectful.Argh.Ugh for Fae and Iggy.Sucks for you.

    Hugs, wags and purrs.
    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Oh man, that would be so tough to live with the constant open houses. Thank goodness, the cats stayed in the apartment with the doors open. Open doors would have made me crazy!