Monday, October 3, 2011

mancat monday: Iggy started it!

virkata lundo: Iggy ĝin okazigis!

about 90% of the time Fae, the instigator, starts the fight, but this early morning fight was started by Iggy. Iggy has the unfair advantage of being bigger and more agile than Fae, but Fae still manages to kick Iggy's a** sometimes! today, however, Fae was the first to bow out. +1 win for Iggy.

ĉirkaŭ 90% de la tempo Fae, la instigulo, okazigas batalon, sed Iggy okazigis ĉi tiun frumatenan batalon. Iggy havas maljustajn advantaĝojn: li estas pli granda kaj pli facilpieda ol Fae. tamen malgraŭ tio, kelkfoje Fae tute venkas lin! tamen, hodiaŭ Fae kapitulacis. +1 venko por Iggy.

p.s.: aren't Aussie birdies noisy/lovely? / Aŭstraliaj birdoj estas bruaj/amindaj, ĉu ne?


  1. Har har har! This is like a choreographed fight, with pauses in between, even allow for flea scratching moment! purrr...meow!

  2. MOL...I like when Fae have a mini break to clean da ear : )

  3. That was some great rasslin' action! Fae and Iggy seem fairly well matched. Harley weighs 5 pounds more than me!

  4. Wow, that was intense! Excellent tussling, just superb. And a victory for we Mancats!

  5. EXCELLENT fight! I still can not believe you two could focus so much with those birdies making a racket in the background. they were probably also having a tussle.

    Very impressive action. Mom would be scolding scolding scolding and more scolding, mostly because Miles is quite heavy and one llunge at me... and I am flat on my back for the count

  6. It's so nice to hear birdsong in the background! And to see sunlight! Fae and Iggy look well matched :) How much do they weigh? Five and seven pounds?
    Play on you two.Play on :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  7. Nice fight!! You two are so cute even when you are fighting. I enjoyed the video very much :-)

  8. Wow! That was some excellent wrasslin'!! Iggy, you got some good moves!!

  9. Good match kitties! And yes those Aussie birdies are great, I couldn't believe the constant bird/insect sounds when I traveled through!

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