Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tackles of love / atakoj de amo

Fae: *malfeliĉemas*    Iggy: *lekemas*
things were going so well this morning... Fae was even sharing the hammock with Iggy! she often hogs it.
ĉio estis bona ĉi-matene.... Fae eĉ permesis, ke Iggy esti kune kun ŝi en la hamako! ŝi ofte ne tion permesas.

so cute! but then Fae had to ruin it, of course.....
amindege! sed, kompreneble, Fae devis rompi la pacon.....

Fae: *lekMORDO*

and then Iggy tried his intimidation tactic....
kaj Iggy provis la taktikon de minaco.....

which turned into a tackle of LOVE!
kaj tio fariĝis atako de AMO!

Fae k Iggy: *KISSS'!*


  1. "Awww" is right! :-)

    We're glad things are just fine with them!

  2. Iggy, I think in Fae's eyes, You are a kind of YUM, That's why it happens ; )

  3. At least they are close to the same size. When Harley hovers over me, he looks skerry because he's so much bigger!

  4. Aw, that was cute. We are glad they made up with a kiss in the end.

  5. That hammock looks very comfy! Fae is like my Goro. He always ruins Niko's good time.
    But how nice they ended up kissing!! Fae and Iggy are so cute!!

  6. Oh you two are pretty irresistible! Have a great week kitties!

  7. Yeah! We can finally leave a comment.Argh!
    You two love kittens are happy together and that makes us happy!
    Tell you Mama to check out our blog.There is someone there we think she will want to meet! :)
    P.S.Maybe your Mama could give us her e-mail address so that we are not at the mercy of her blog to keep in touch :p
    the critters in The Cottage xo

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