Monday, April 30, 2012

we're still here! / ni ankoraŭ ĉi tie estas!

wow.... Blogger has completely changed! i can't seem to keep up with anything anymore...
uaŭ...... Blogger tute ŝanĝiĝis! mi tute ne plu povas sekvi ion ajn....

Fae is doing well. :) but she has put on a bit of weight! she's kinda sorta on a "diet" now. as the days are getting colder, she and Iggy seek out all the warmth they can get.

Fae bone fartas. :) sed ŝi iome pli peziĝis! nun ŝi iomete "dietas". lastatempe la tagoj pli kaj pli malvarmiĝas kaj ŝi kaj Iggy klopodas malkovri ĉiun ajn varmejon.

Iggy is doing alright except his skin allergy has been acting up again. :( he is back on cortisone and we are hopefully about to try out a food trial to completely eliminate the possibility of a food allergy. :/ otherwise he is his normal, ever-high-strung and anxious self.

Iggy bone fartas krom tio, ke lia haŭt-alergio revenis. :( li denove manĝas la kuracilon "cortisone" kaj espereble baldaŭ ni provos malkovri ĉu lia alergio vere ne rilatas al manĝaĵo per speciala dieto. :/ krom tio li estas ege anksia kaj energiplena kiel kutime.

sigh, i really need to redo/redesign life with Fae and post more. at least Blogger's new look should help me visit blogs more. :) i hope all of you out there are well! apologies for my/our silence.

suspiro, vere mi refaru/redizajnu life with Fae kaj pli ofte ĝin ĝisdatigu. almenaŭ la nova aspekto de Blogger verŝajne helpos min viziti pli facile aliajn blogojn. :) mi esperas, ke vi ĉiuj bone fartas! pardonon pro mi/nia silenco.


  1. Hi Fae and Iggy, happy to see you! Sorry to hear Iggy's allergy is acting up. But it's great he is going well other than that :-)
    I have been struggling with new blogger, too! It will take a while for me to get used to it.

  2. We're glad you're all alive and well, or mostly well, barring Iggy's allergy problem. Good luck with that, paws crossed it can be sorted out sooner than later.

  3. It is so nice to see you again, Iggy and Fae! Iggy, we're sorry your allergy is bothering you again. Hopefully the cortisone and new foods will help.

  4. We're happy to see a post from you guys! We're glad you are doing okay. Sorry to hear about Iggy's allergies, though. Poor guy ... we sure hope the cortisone helps.

  5. Hi guys! We have been thinking about you lately and hoping all is well! Fae looks great (not plump at all!) and so does Iggy. Sorry to hear about Iggy's skin allergy flare-up again :( Hopefully a change in his diet will help. Keep us posted! It's always great to hear from you :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

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