Tuesday, December 14, 2010

how much to feed her? / kiom da manĝaĵo doni?

it's finally starting to feel like xmas! we put up our xmas tree today. :) at first Fae kept trying to eat it, which was worrying.... but she seems to be over that now. i wonder if she's seen an xmas tree before. i would think so since she's 2 years old....

finfine mi sentas kvazaŭ kristnasko pliproksimiĝas! hodiaŭ ni kunigis nian kristnaskan arbon. :) unue Fae provadis ĝin manĝi.... ni zorgis pri tio.... sed nun ŝajnas, ke ŝi jam ne plu atentas la arbon. ni scivolas, ĉu iam antaŭe ŝi vidis kristnaskan arbon. mi pensas, ke jes ĉar ŝi jam estas 2jaraĝa...

changing the subject, something has caught my attention about Fae. she constantly acts like she's starving. we still don't know her exact weight, but we've been giving her 1/4 cup of Science Diet a day as it says to for a 5lb (2 - 3kg) cat. we're trying to be careful to not overfeed her, but she always wants more more more. i wonder if this is normal behavior for a Devon Rex....? should we be giving her more??

ŝangi la temon de mia skribado, mi remarkis ion pri Fae. ŝi ĉiam kondutas kvazaŭ ŝi estas mortmalsata. ni ankoraŭ ne scias ŝian ekzaktan pezon, sed ni donas al ŝi po 1/4 taso da Science Diet ĉiutage, same kiel la sako diras pri 5lb (2 - 3kg) pezaj katoj. ni estas tre zorgema por ke ni ne donu al ŝi tro multe da manĝaĵo, sed ĉiam ŝi volas manĝi plu plu plu. ni scivolas, ĉu tio estas norma por Devon-Reksoj....? ĉu ni donu al ŝi pli multe da manĝaĵo??

random side note: apparently she really likes cooked chicken breast. :P

hazarda kromnoto: verŝajne tre plaĉas al ŝi kuirita kokaĵo. :P


  1. My Mommeh said Devon Rex kitties like to eat! We used to eat dry food, but a few years ago I got bladder stones that had to be surgically removed. That was No Fun. We go to a holistic vet now, and he does not believe in dry food. We alternate between raw medallions (we eat Nature's Variety Instinct in rabbit, chicken, beef, bison and venison) and high-quality canned food. Our favorites are Weruva, and also Addiction New Zealand Brushtail. Our food gets put out in the AM and PM, and anything not eaten in about 30 minutes is picked up. There are lots of really good books on nutrition; my Mommeh wishes she had learned more earlier!

    ps: You should visit the Cat Blogosphere and post your link so lots of other cat friends can find you. Go here: www.blog.catblogosphere.com

    You can make lots of friends, and they can give you advice about feeding, too!

  2. I usually just leave my kitty's dry food bowl full all the time and she just eats as she pleases (plus she gets a little tin of fancy feast once a day). She's never put on any excess weight but all cats are certainly different.
    Also, I get all my science diet food/flea/worming things off this site- http://www.budgetpetproducts.com.au/new/
    It's really cheap and usually posted out within a day or two of ordering. Just thought I'd share :)

  3. A fourth of a cup doesn't sound like much to us. I would try to feed her a little more and maybe get some of the food that Daisy talked about. That is all great food for cats. We are so glad to meet you and glad you are blogging about Fae. Take care and have a great day.

  4. Our suggestion is to leave dry food (and water of course) down all the time. Kitties seldom overeat, and some of us like to nibble or graze through out the day.

    Adjustments can be made if Fae starts to look like a football.

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