Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wet food / malseka manĝaĵo

thanks to the advise of awesome people, i decided to try out some wet food with Fae. in addition to dry food, i gave her a can of Dine Desire: Tuna Fillets & Whole Prawns. of course she wolfed it down in one sitting but afterwards she acted really content and didn't beg me for more for the first time. :) that lasted for maaaaybe 2 hrs, then she was back to acting starved and GAH, does she make the sadest faces when she really wants food. it's horrible. ;( but anyway, she likes her new food, which is good. now i just need to keep an eye on her and her litter box to make sure all is well.

dank' al la konsiloj de bonegaj homoj, mi decidis doni iom da malseka manĝaĵo al Fae. mi ankoraŭ donis al ŝi sekan manĝaĵon, sed mi ankaŭ donis unu ladskatolon da Dine Desire: Tinusaĵo kaj Salikokoj. kompreneble ŝi finmanĝis ĝin rapide, sed poste ŝi ŝajnis tre kontenta kaj unuafoje ne petadis al mi pri plua manĝaĵo. :) tio daŭris dum eeeeeebbble 2 horoj kaj post tio ŝi denove kondutis kvazaŭ ŝi mortmalsatis. VEEEeee, ŝia vizaĝo kiam ŝi estas "mortmalsata" estas terure malĝoja! terure!! ;( ĉiuokaze, plaĉas al ŝi la nova manĝaĵo kaj tio estas bona. nun mi nur devas zorgeme rigardi ŝin por kontroli ĉu ĉio vere estas bona.

i bought a book today called Natural Nutrition for Cats by Kymythy R.. after reading reviews on i have mixed feelings about the book, but at the very least it should be a good place to start learning. once i feel more confident in my knowledge of cat nutrition, maybe i'll start giving Fae more homemade meals/treats. :)

hodiaŭ mi aĉetis libron, kiu nomiĝas Natural Nutrition for Cats (Natura Nutrado por Katoj) de Kymythy R.. mi legis kelkajn recenzojn je kaj nun iom dubas pri la boneco de la libro, sed almenaŭ la libro estos bona por eklerni pri kata nutrado, ĉu ne? eble kiam mi estos pli memfida pri kat nutrado, mi ekfaros hejmefaritajn manĝaĵojn por Fae. :)


  1. It's awesome that you are learning about nutrition for Fae! A book that we like is called Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. You can also learn a lot here: You don't have to make your own food or go to a raw food diet (not everyone believes in raw), but the main thing is that we kitties are obligate carnivores and do best with a meat-based diet (no grain for us!). If you sign up for Catster, the forums have lots of interesting information.

    We also switched from not-so-healthy treats like Temptations to healthier treats. Our favorite are freeze-dried chicken liver and freeze-dried roasted chicken breast. We are also very lucky to have 3 excellent holistic cat food stores nearby.

  2. Hi, we came by from the CB to say hello. We read about how you met and adopted Fae. She's one lucky kitty to have a new home.

  3. Hey, Fae (and humans). Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. You're gonna meet a lot of great kitties and beans here, along with some stray woofers and other critters. (You'll also likely wonder what happened to all your free time. ;-) )

    We're wondering what those things are on Fae's collar in the main picture? It just looks like a piece of string, but we kinda doubt that's what it is.

  4. thanks everyone. :)

    @Daisy i wish there were such stores around here. :( luckily i like to cook so i'll probably cook/make meals for Fae rather than going raw (raw meat seems too risky to me). :)

    @Jan thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

    @The Lee Country Clower thanks for the welcome and stopping by. :) if you mean the thing sticking off her collar to the left in the top photo, that's just the end of her collar. i took the photo after i'd first gotten her and had cut the end of the collar off because it was way too long. it started fraying at the end, so that's why the photo looks like that. :( i really should put up a newer photo.

  5. Hi Fae, nice to meet ya. You'z very cute! My Human got to visit Brisbane theese year when she travelled through Oz. Come by and say hi sometimes...

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