Monday, April 18, 2011

[UPDATE] itching / jukado

.....mi ricevu krommanĝaĵon por fari ĉi tion.
i've been rather lazy in updating this blog lately.... my focus has been on other things and there really hasn't been a lot for me to update about.

lastatempe mi iomete pigras pri ĝisdatigi ĉi tiun blogon.... aliaj aferoj okupis mian atenton kaj vere ne estis multe pri kiu mi povus priskribi ĉi tie.

about Fae's itching, i realized that her itching might be a result of her having milk so often... against my better judgment, i (and the other human) have been giving her milk a lot more often than we should because she loves it so much. :'( she's been milk-free for 5-6 days now and is still scratching a lot, but i think it's lessened compared to before. poor Fae really misses her milk. :(

pri la jukado de Fae, mi rimarkis, ke eble la kialo de la jukado estas, ke ŝi ofte trinkas lakton.... kontraŭracie mi (kaj la alia homo) donis al Fae lakton multe pli ofte ol estus bona ĉar ŝi ege amas ĝin. :'( nun ŝi ne havas lakton dum 5-6 tagoj kaj ŝi ankoraŭ gratadas sin, sed mi pensas, ke  ŝi sin gratadas malpli ofte ol antaŭe. kompatinda Fae ege sentas la mankon de lakto. :(

in other news.... well, really there isn't much other news. it's been cold and dreary the past couple of days. the kind of weather that has Fae spending most of the day snoozing in blankets, which makes for cute photos. i'll try to update more this week. :)

ĉiuokaze, pri aliaj aferoj.... vere ne estas aliaj priskribindaj aferoj. lastatempe la vetero fariĝis malvarma kaj pluvema. tia vetero igas, ke Fae dormas preskaŭ tuttage en tapiŝo-- tre fotinda! mi klopodos ĝisdatigi pli ofte ĉi tiun blogon ĉi-semajne. :)


  1. Was Fae given kitty milk or cow milk? I don't like milk myself though Brad loves his cereal and milk or biscuits and Milo. Serious! We don't call him JJ Richard (rubbish contractor in NSW) for nothing. purrr...meow!

  2. @Cat-from-Sydney

    Fae was given cow's milk. milk is delicious! even i think so. :)

  3. I'm glad Fae's itching seems to be getting better. I think they make something called Catsip which is lactose free and made just for cats!

  4. Yes, Daisy is right, Catsip is lactose-free. But you could try the lactose-free human milk too. The mom buys it for herself, we don't like any milk.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. I hope Fae will continue to do better about itching problem. But it must be difficult for you not to be able to let her have something she likes so much.... I have hard time not to give too much snacks to my kids, too, because they love it and look so happy when they are having snacks. As Daisy and Kea mentioned, I think it is good idea to try lactose-free milk. I hope Fae will like it :-)

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